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SAVECORE(8)		  BSD System Manager's Manual		   SAVECORE(8)

     savecore -- save a	core dump of the operating system

     savecore -c
     savecore [-fkvz] [-N system] directory

     Savecore copies the currently running kernel and its associated core dump
     into directory, and enters	a reboot message and information about the
     core dump into the	system log.

     The options are as	follows:

     -c	     Clear the dump, so	that future invocations	of savecore will ig-
	     nore it.

     -f	     Force a dump to be	taken even if the dump doesn't appear correct
	     or	there is insufficient disk space.

     -k	     Do	not clear the dump after saving	it.

     -N	     Use system	as the kernel instead of the running kernel (as	deter-
	     mined from	getbootfile(3)).

     -v	     Print out some additional debugging information.

     -z	     Compress the core dump and	kernel (see gzip(1)).

     Savecore checks the core dump in various ways to make sure	that it	is
     current and that it corresponds to	the currently running system.  If it
     passes these checks, it saves the core image in directory/vmcore.#	and
     the system	in directory/kernel.# The ``#''	is the number from the first
     line of the file directory/bounds,	and it is incremented and stored back
     into the file each	time savecore successfully runs.

     Savecore also checks the available	disk space before attempting to	make
     the copies.  If there is insufficient disk	space in the filesystem	con-
     taining directory,	or if the file directory/minfree exists	and the	number
     of	free kilobytes (for non-superusers) in the filesystem after the	copies
     were made would be	less than the number in	the first line of this file,
     the copies	are not	attempted.

     If	savecore successfully copies the kernel	and the	core dump, the core
     dump is cleared so	that future invocations	of savecore will ignore	it.

     Savecore is meant to be called near the end of the	initialization file
     /etc/rc (see rc(8)).

     The minfree code does not consider	the effect of compression.

     gzip(1), getbootfile(3), dumpon(8), syslogd(8)

     The savecore command appeared in 4.1BSD.

BSD			      September	23, 1994			   BSD


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