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sane-lexmark(5)		 SANE Scanner Access Now Easy	       sane-lexmark(5)

       sane-lexmark - SANE backend for Lexmark X1100/X1200 Series scanners

       The  sane-lexmark  library  implements a	SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy)
       backend that provides access to the scanner part	of Lexmark X1100/X1200
       AIOs. This backend should be considered beta-quality software!

       The scanners that should	work with this backend are:

		 Vendor	Model		status
	      ----------------------  -----------
		Lexmark	X74		good
		Lexmark	X1110		untested
		Lexmark	X1140		untested
		Lexmark	X1150		good
		Lexmark	X1170		good
		Lexmark	X1180		good
		Lexmark	X1185		complete
		Lexmark	X12xx		good in	USB1.1,
					not fully tested in USB2.0
		Dell	A920		good

       The options the backend supports	can either be selected through command
       line options to programs	like scanimage(1) or through GUI  elements  in
       xscanimage(1) or	xsane(1).

       If  you notice any strange behavior, please report to the backend main-
       tainer or to the	SANE mailing list.

       Valid command line options and their syntax can be listed by using

	      scanimage	--help -d lexmark:usb:<usb port>

       Scan Mode Options

       --mode selects the basic	 mode  of  operation  of  the  scanner.	 Valid
	      choices are Color, Gray and Lineart.  The	default	mode is	Color.
	      The Lineart mode is black	and white only	(1  bit).   Gray  mode
	      will produce 256 levels of gray (8 bits).	 Color mode allows for
	      over 16 million different	colors produced	from 24	bits of	 color

	      selects  the  resolution for a scan. The horizontal and vertical
	      resolutions are set by the value of this option. The scanner  is
	      capable  of  the	following resolutions for the specified	option

		Value	Hor. Resolution	 Vert. Resolution
		-----	---------------	 -------------------
		75	75dpi		 75dpi
		150	150dpi		 150dpi
		300	300dpi		 300dpi
		600	600dpi		 600dpi
		1200	600dpi		 1200dpi  (only	for X11xx models with 'B2' sensor)

	      requests a preview scan. The resolution used for that scan is 75
	      dpi and the scan area and	the scan mode are as specified through
	      their options, or	the default  if	 not  specified.  The  default
	      value for	preview	mode is	"no".

	      selects  the   minimum-brightness	 to  get  a  white  point. The
	      threshold	is only	used with Lineart mode scans.  It is specified
	      as  a  percentage	in the range 0..100% (in steps of 1).  The de-
	      fault value of the threshold option is 50.

       The configuration file /usr/local/etc/sane.d/lexmark.conf contains only
       the usb device id (eg usb 0x043d	0x007c).

	      The static library implementing this backend.

	      The shared library implementing this backend (present on systems
	      that support dynamic loading).

	      If the library was compiled with debug support enabled, this en-
	      vironment	 variable  controls  the debug level for this backend.
	      E.g., a value of 255 requests all	debug output  to  be  printed.
	      Smaller levels reduce verbosity.

	      Provides debug output for	low level Lexmark functions.

       The  windows TWAIN driver has many more options than this SANE backend.
       However they are	only software adjustments. This	 backend  only	imple-
       ments  what  the	 scanner can support. For instance, shading correction
       (vertical stripes due to	sensor variation across	its width) is done  in
       software.  Head	park  position is also detected	by software.  The data
       compression isn't supported for the X1200 series	on USB 1.1, leading to
       slow scans.

       No bugs currently known.

       sane-scsi(5), scanimage(1), xscanimage(1), xsane(1), sane(7)

       The backend was originally written by Fred Odendaal.

       The new version is currently developed by Stephane Voltz.

       X74 support was written by Torsten Houwaart

       Many thanks go to:
	      Julien Furgerot who lent me a Dell A920.	Robert Price, Dani Ele
	      and Dalai	Felinto	for the	time they spent	recording USB activity
	      and testing the experimental version.

				  12 Jul 2008		       sane-lexmark(5)


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