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sane-genesys(5)		 SANE Scanner Access Now Easy	       sane-genesys(5)

       sane-genesys - SANE backend for GL646 and GL841 based USB flatbed scan-

       The sane-genesys	library	implements a SANE (Scanner  Access  Now	 Easy)
       backend	that  provides	access	to  USB	 flatbed scanners based	on the
       Genesys GL646 and GL841 chips.  At present, the following scanners  are
       known to	work with this backend:

	      Medion MD5345/MD6228/MD6274
	      Visioneer	OneTouch 7100
	      Hewlett-Packard HP2300C
	      Visioneer	Strobe XP100 (rev3)/XP200/XP300/Roadwarrior
	      Canon LiDE 35/40/50/60
	      Pentax DSmobile 600
	      Syscan/Ambir DocketPORT 485/487/665/685
	      Xerox Travel Scanner 100

       This  is	 stable	 software for supported	models.	But if you test	new or
       untested	scanners, keep your hand at the	scanner's plug and unplug  it,
       if the head bumps at the	end of the scan	area.

       If  you	own a scanner other than the ones listed above that works with
       this backend, please let	me know	this by	sending	 the  scanner's	 exact
       model   name   and   the	  USB	vendor	 and  device  ids  (e.g.  from
       /proc/bus/usb/devices, sane-find-scanner	or syslog) to  the  sane-devel
       mailing	list.  Even  if	 the scanner's name is only slightly different
       from the	models mentioned above,	please let me know.

       If you own a scanner that isn't detected	by the genesys backend but has
       a GL646 or GL841	chipset, you can try to	add it to the backend.

       To give correct image quality, sheet fed	scanners need to be calibrated
       using the calibration sheet sold	with the scanner. To  do  calibration,
       you must	insert this target in the feeder then start calibration	either
       by passing the --calibrate option to scanimage or by  clicking  on  the
       available  'calibrate'  button in the 'advanced options'	in a graphical
       frontend. The result of the calibration is stored in a file in the home
       directory of the	user doing it.	If you plug the	scanner	in another ma-
       chine or	use it with another account, calibration will have to  be  re-

       --lamp-off-time number
	       The  lamp will be turned	off after the given time (in minutes).
       A value of 0 means that the lamp	won't be turned	off.

       --threshold percent	 0..100%  (in  steps  of  1).  Select  minimum
       brightness  to  get  a  white point. Pixels whith brightness below that
       value will be scanned as	black.

       --disable-interpolation yes|no
	       When using high resolutions where the horizontal	resolution  is
       smaller	than vertical resolution, data is expanded by software to pre-
       serve picture geometry. This can	be disbled by this option to get  real
       scanned data.

       --color-filter None|Red|Green|Blue
	       When  using gray	or lineart this	option selects the used	color.
       Using a color filter will give a	monochrome scan.  CIS  based  scanners
       can to true gray	when no	filter (None value) is selected.

       This  backend  needs libusb-0.1.6 or later installed, and hasn't	tested
       in other	configuration than a linux kernel 2.6.9	or higher. However, it
       should  work  any system	with libusb where the SANE package can be com-
       piled. For setting permissions and  general  USB	 information  look  at

       The contents of the genesys.conf	file is	a list of usb lines containing
       vendor and product ids that correspond to USB scanners.	The  file  can
       also  contain option lines.  Empty lines	and lines starting with	a hash
       mark (#)	are ignored.  The scanners are autodetected by	usb  vendor_id
       product_id  statements  which  are  already included into genesys.conf.
       "vendor_id" and "product_id" are	hexadecimal numbers that identify  the

	      The   backend   configuration  file  (see	 also  description  of
	      SANE_CONFIG_DIR below).

	      The static library implementing this backend.

	      The shared library implementing this backend (present on systems
	      that support dynamic loading).

	      This environment variable	specifies the list of directories that
	      may contain the configuration file.  Under UNIX, the directories
	      are  separated  by a colon (`:'),	under OS/2, they are separated
	      by a semi-colon (`;').  If this variable is not set, the config-
	      uration  file is searched	in two default directories: first, the
	      current  working	directory   (".")   and	  then	 in   /usr/lo-
	      cal/etc/sane.d.	If  the	value of the environment variable ends
	      with the directory separator character, then the default	direc-
	      tories  are searched after the explicitly	specified directories.
	      For example, setting SANE_CONFIG_DIR to "/tmp/config:" would re-
	      sult   in	  directories	"tmp/config",	".",   and   "/usr/lo-
	      cal/etc/sane.d" being searched (in this order).

	      If the library was compiled with debug support enabled, this en-
	      vironment	 variable  controls  the debug level for this backend.
	      Higher debug levels increase the verbosity of the	output.	If the
	      debug  level  is	set  to	1 or higher, some debug	options	become
	      available	that are normally hidden. Handle them with care.  This
	      will print messages related to core genesys functions.

	      This  environment	variable controls the debug level for the spe-
	      cific GL646 code part.

	      This environment variable	controls the debug level for the  spe-
	      cific GL841 code part.

	      Example (full and	highly verbose output for gl646):
	      export SANE_DEBUG_GENESYS=255
	      export SANE_DEBUG_GENESYS_GL646=255

       Jack McGill for donating	several	sheetfed scanners, which made possible
       to add support for them in the genesys backend.

       sane(7),	sane-usb(5)

       Oliver Rauch
       Henning Meier-Geinitz <>
       Gerhard Jaeger <>
       Stephane	Voltz <>
       Philipp Schmid <>
       Pierre Willenbrock <>

       Powersaving isn't implemented for gl646 based scanner.

       Currently no known bug.

				  6 Oct	2009		       sane-genesys(5)


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