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sane-cardscan(5)	 SANE Scanner Access Now Easy	      sane-cardscan(5)

       sane-cardscan - SANE backend for	Corex CardScan usb scanners

       The  sane-cardscan  library implements a	SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy)
       backend which provides access to	the Corex CardScan 800c	& 600c	small-
       format scanners.

       The backend supports only grayscale and color modes and media of	(theo-
       retically) infinite length.

       This backend may	support	other scanners.	 The  best  way	 to  determine
       level of	support	is to get a trace of the windows driver	in action, and
       send it to the author.

       The cardscan backend supports the following options:

       --mode Gray|Color
	      Selects the mode for the scan.

       The configuration file cardscan.conf is used to tell the	backend	how to
       look for	scanners, and provide options controlling the operation	of the
       backend.	 This file is read each	time the frontend asks the backend for
       a  list	of  scanners,  generally only when the frontend	starts.	If the
       configuration file is missing, the backend will use a set  of  compiled
       defaults, which are identical to	the default configuration file shipped
       with SANE.

       Scanners	can be specified in the	configuration file in 2	ways:

       "usb 0x04c5 0x1042" (or other vendor/product ids)
	      Requests backend to search all usb buses in the system for a de-
	      vice which uses that vendor and product id. The device will then
	      be queried to determine if it is a cardscan scanner.

       "usb /dev/usb/scanner0" (or other device	file)
	      Some systems use a kernel	driver to access  usb  scanners.  This
	      method is	untested.

       Additionally, there are two configuration options that control the pro-
       tocol used by the backend:

       "lines_per_block	16" (or	other number from 1 to 32)
	      Controls the number of lines of image data  which	 will  be  ac-
	      quired  in  each	pass.  Older scanners will require this	number
	      set lower, often 1.

       "has_cal_buffer 1" (1 or	0)
	      Causes the backend to get	calibration data from  scanner	during
	      initialization.  Older scanners do not support this request, and
	      must be set to 0.

       The backend uses	a single  environment  variable,  SANE_DEBUG_CARDSCAN,
       which enables debugging output to stderr. Valid values are:

	      5	 Errors
	      10 Function trace
	      15 Function detail
	      20 Option	commands
	      25 SCSI/USB trace
	      30 SCSI/USB detail
	      35 Useless noise

	      The  scanner does	not seem to have much control possible,	so the
	      backend cannot set  x/y  coordinate  values,  resolutions,  etc.
	      These  things  could  be simulated in the	backend, but there are
	      plenty of	command	line tools.
	      The backend also does not	send all the commands that the windows
	      driver does, so it may not function the same.
	      The backend does not have	the calibration	or ejection options of
	      the windows driver.

       The hardware to build this driver was provided to the author  by:  Jeff
       Kowalczyk _jtk a	t yahoo	d o t com_.

       sane(7),	sane-usb(5)

       m. allan	noah: _kitno455	a t gmail d o t	com_ .

				  10 Feb 2010		      sane-cardscan(5)


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