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SAMPLE(8)		FreeBSD	System Manager's Manual		     SAMPLE(8)

     sample -- examine backtrace of system processes

     sample [-n	count] [-s duration] [-S]

     The sample	utility	performs a periodic examination	of stacks (user	and
     kernel) for all processes on the system.

     The -n option specifies the number	of samples to take; the	-s option in-
     dicates the duration, in ms (default is 20).  The -S option will attempt
     to	symbolicate the	addresses.  Note that this option may not be enabled
     at	compile	time, but will not generate an error if	so.

     The sample	utility	requires a corresponding device	driver to be loaded.
     Only one instance can be run at a time.

     The sample	utility	was written by iXsystems in 2014, inspired heavily by
     the spindump utility in Mac OS X by Apple,	Inc.

     Only one instance may be run at a time.

     The name leaves a lot to be desired.

     The sampling of idle processes can	take longer than the duration, result-
     ing in fewer samples than requested.

     Even when enabled,	the symbolication could	be better.

FreeBSD	13.0			August 3, 2015			  FreeBSD 13.0


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