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       samearchive-lite	- find identical files,	while keeping archives intact

       samearchive-lite	[-g size] [-m size] [-S	sep] [-0qVv] dir1 dir2 [...]

       samearchive-lite	 reads	the paths from the input from stdin and	output
       the identical files. This program is written for	the special case where
       each  directory acts as an archive or backup. The output	will only con-
       tain filename pairs that	have the same relative path from  the  archive

       This  version  uses  a lot less memory then samefile and	is faster, but
       only find a partial set of identical files. It basicaly does 80%	of the
       job,  but does this in 50% of the time while using 10% of the resources
       compared	to samearchive.

       The output will only contain filename pairs that	have the same relative
       path. For each filename pair with identical contents, a line consisting
       of six fields is	output:	The size in bytes, two filenames, the  charac-
       ter ``='' if the	two files are on the same device, ``X''	otherwise, and
       the link	counts of the two files.  The output is	sorted in reverse  or-
       der  by size as the primary key and a user defined field(s) as the sec-
       ondary key.

       -0     Indicates	that the input list of file names is  NUL  terminated,
	      for example as generated by implementations of find(1) that sup-
	      port the -print0 option.	Without	this option,  the  file	 names
	      are assumed to be	newline	terminated.

       -g size
	      Compare only files with size greater than	size bytes. Default is

       -m size
	      Compare only files with size less	or equal than size bytes.  De-
	      fault is 0 which indicates there is no limit.

       -q     This  option  keep  the  information you are recieved during the
	      processes	to a minimum. (Verbose level 0)

       -S sep Use string sep as	the output field separator, defaults to	a  tab
	      character. Useful	if filenames contain tab characters and	output
	      must be processed	by another program, say	awk (1).

       -V     Print the	version	information and	exit.

       -v     This option increases the	 amount	 of  information  you  recieve
	      while running samearchive-lite. At level 0 you will just see the
	      error messages. At level 1 you will see warning  messages	 indi-
	      cating  that  samearchive-lite coudn't do	something. Defaults to
	      verbose level 1.

       Find all	identical files	with in	the system archives that  live	within
       the current working directory:

       % find system-arch1 | samearchive system-arch1 system-arch*

       inaccessible:  <path> This is probably due to a 'permission denied' er-
       ror on files or directories within the given path for which you have no
       read permission.

       unreadable: <path> The file could be opend for reading jet failed while
       reading.	You shouldn't encounter	such a warnings	but if you do, and re-
       cieve  more  than  a  few,  this	could be very well due to failing hard

       Skipped line path because it didn't start with %s. This indicates  that
       the  former path	was skipped because the	it didn't start	with first ar-
       gument on the command prompt.

       samearchive(1) samefile(1) samelink(1) find(1) ls(1)

       Input filenames must not	have leading or	trailing  white	 space	unless
       the white space is part of the filename.

       Alex de Kruijff

				 14 APRIL 2009		   SAMEARCHIVE-LITE(1)


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