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RTSCALE(1)			    BRL-CAD			    RTSCALE(1)

       rtscale - supplements rthide output by plotting a scale to indicate
       drawing size in arbitrary units.

       rtscale width units intervals file.log optional_string >	scale.plot3

       rtscale supplements the use of rthide by	generating a UNIX-Plot of a
       scale that permits the accurate measuring of rthide plots.  rthide
       provides	a hidden-line-removed plot of the geometry, and	rtscale
       produces	an identical plot file containing just a scale.	The two	files
       can then	be concatenated	making sure that the scale precedes the	rthide
       file to produce a finished plot with scale.

       Rtscale operates	on the RT log file from	the rthide run and produces a
       UNIX-Plot file of a scale with desired units and	number of tick marks.
       The scale's width is given in model units. A descriptive	string may be
       added. The scale	and the	strings	are plotted in the lower left corner
       of the image.

       The inputs required are:	width, which specifies the length of the scale
       in model	space, units, which may	be any units (metric or	English),
       intervals, which	allows the user	to specifies the number	of tickmarks
       on the scale.  filename,	which names the	RT log file that is used to
       calculate the view2model	matrix for the raytraced. A view such as
       azimuth 45, elevation 45, is useful for measuring diagonal dimensions
       of the geometry.	Optionally, a descriptive string may be	given to
       identify	the view or the	model.

       This section shows the ordinary usage of	rtscale. For example:

	   rtscale 30 mm 10 rt.log > scale.plot3

       This will result	in a 30	mm scale with ten tickmarks being plotted in
       the lower left corner of	the scale.plot3	image. Alternately, a
       descriptive string may be given to identify the view or the model:

	   rtscale 30 mm 10 rt.log "UH-60 a90 e0" > scale.plot3

       Note that a descriptive string longer than 28 characters	will be	cut
       off by plot3-fb.

       The plot	file is	now concatenated with the plot file of the image to
       scale needs to be put on. The order in which they are concatenated is
       important: the scale is always concatenated over	top of the model plot:

	   cat scale.plot3 model.plot3 >> model.w.scale.plot3

       The resulting UNIX-Plot of the geometry with a scale added to it	can be
       viewed in several ways. It can be overlaid in mged, or it can be
       rotated to the desired azimuth and elevation with plot3rot and be
       stored in a file	or view	with plot3-fb:

	   plot3rot -a#	-e# -g model.w.scale.plot3 | plot3-fb

       mged(1),	plot3rot(1), rt(1), rthide(1), librt(3), libplot3(3),
       plot3(5), ray(5V)

       Numerous	error conditions are possible, usually due to errors in	the
       geometry	database. Descriptive messages are printed on standard error
       (file descriptor	2).

       BRL-CAD Team

       This software is	Copyright (c) 1991-2019	United States Government as
       represented by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory.

       Reports of bugs or problems should be submitted via electronic mail to

BRL-CAD				  11/05/2021			    RTSCALE(1)


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