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RTPPLAY(1)		FreeBSD	General	Commands Manual		    RTPPLAY(1)

     rtpplay --	play back RTP sessions recorded	by rtpdump

     rtpplay [-hTv] [-b	time] [-e time]	[-f infile] [-p	profile] [-s port]

     rtpplay reads RTP session data recorded by	"rtpdump -F dump", from	stan-
     dard input	and resends the	traffic	to the given address/port, optionally
     with a time-to-live value of ttl.

     The options are as	follows:

     -b	time
	     Skip the first time seconds of input.

     -e	time
	     Only use the first	time seconds of	input.

     -f	infile
	     Read input	from the given infile instead of from standard input.

     -h	     Print a short usage summary and exit.

     -p	profile
	     Use the specified profile of payload type to frequency mapping.
	     By	default, rtpplay uses the frequency profile specified in RFC
	     1890.  For	example, A-law PCM audio will be a single channel with
	     a sample rate of 8	kHz.  The profile file consists	of lines con-
	     taining two numeric values: the numeric payload type and the sam-
	     ple rate.	This is	silently ignored if -T is used.

     -s	port
	     Send packets from the specified port.  By default,	packets	are
	     sent from a random	port.

     -T	     Time the outgoing RTP packets according to	the original arrival
	     time.  By default,	the RTP	timestamps are used for	timing in-
	     stead.  This smooths jitter and restores the packet sequence.
	     RTCP packets are always sent with their original arrival timing,
	     which may change the relative order of RTP	and RTCP packets.

     -v	     Print the packets to standard output as they are sent out.	 By
	     default, rtpplay operates silently.

     rtpdump(1), rtpsend(1)

     rtpplay was written by Henning Schulzrinne	<>, with
     enhancements by Ping Pan and Akira	Tsukamoto <>.

FreeBSD	13.0		       November	23, 2017		  FreeBSD 13.0


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