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ROT13(1)		   Linux Programmer's Manual		      ROT13(1)

       rot13 - shroud text with	simple rot-13 cypher

       rot13 [input [output]]

       This  manual page documents the rot13 text filter.  If no filenames are
       specified, rot13	reads from stdin and writes to stdout.	If  one	 file-
       name is specified, rot13	reads from that	file and writes	to stdout.  If
       two filenames are specified, rot13 reads	from the first file and	writes
       to  the second file. You	may use	rot13 inside the vi editor just	as you
       would other filters, e.g. fmt.

       Rot13 performs Usenet-standard rot-13 encryption.  This is done by tak-
       ing the input letter and	shifting it left by 13 characters, so an A be-
       comes an	N, a B becomes an O, and so forth.  Applying  rot13  a	second
       time  restores the original text. The encrypted version of the sentence
       `The quick brown	fox jumps over the lazy	dog.' looks like this:

	    Gur	dhvpx oebja sbk	whzcf bire gur ynml qbt.

       Note that rot-13	is obviously not secure	encryption. The	 main  purpose
       of rot13	is to shield sensitive eyes from potentially offensive or dis-
       turbing public messages.	Most news readers provide a command to	decode
       rot13 messages.	For example, the tin news reader uses the command 'd'.

       The  original  author  is Marc Unangst.	Various	ways of	contacting him
	    Marc Unangst of 1:2200/

       The 1994	update was done	by Thomas McWilliams.  See  Changelog  in  the
       source distribution for details.

       Distribution  permitted	under  the terms of the	GNU General Public Li-
       cense, version 2	(or later versions at your preference).	Copies of this
       agreement are available from:

	    Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
	    675	Mass Ave,
	    Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

Linux				 01 Sept 1994			      ROT13(1)


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