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roadmap(1)							    roadmap(1)

       roadmap - Street	navigation system using	vector maps and	a GPS receiver

       roadmap	  [--location=longitude,latitude]    [--metric]	  [--imperial]
       [--no-area]	[--geometry[:window]=widthxheight]	[--no-toolbar]
       [--no-icon]     [--square]    [--gps=url]    [--cache=number]	[--de-
       bug[=source,...]] [--verbose] [--help]

       RoadMap is a program for	UNIX that displays street maps.	The  maps  are
       provided	 for  example  by the US Census	Bureau.	When a GPS receiver is
       available RoadMap can track the current location	of the vehicule	on the
       screen,	continuously  adjusting	 the  position of the map; it can also
       identify	the name of the	current	street as well as the name of the next

       RoadMap	can  be	used without a GPS receiver, as	a static map viewer or
       address finder.

       More information	is available in	the RoadMap online help.

       Most options may	also be	set as preferences. In fact,  when  an	option
       matches	a  preferences	item, using the	option does modify the prefer-
       ences item as well.  As a consequence the effect	of theses options will
       be  permanent  until  the  same	option is used again or	the associated
       preference item has been	changed.  Because  the	same  preferences  are
       used  by	 roadmap and roadgps, using any	of those options with one pro-
       gram will impact	the other.

       An option with no associated preference item behaves in a  more	tradi-
       tional way, i.e.	its effect is valid for	that command only.

	      Set  the	current	location point (see menu entry View/Show Loca-
	      tion..).	Preference item: Locations.Location.

	      Use the metric system for	 all  units.   Preference  item:  Gen-
	      eral.Unit	= metric.

	      Use  the	imperial  system for all units.	 Preference item: Gen-
	      eral.Unit	= imperial.

	      Do not show the polygons (parks,	hospitals,  airports,  etc..).
	      This  option  was	created	for debug purposes and is probably now

	      Set the geometry of a specific  RoadMap  window,	identified  by
	      it's title. If no	window title is	provided, this defines the ge-
	      ometry of	the main window.  If the window's title	 includes  any
	      space,  dashes can be used in place of the spaces	(the goal here
	      is to be shell friendly).	 Preference item: Geometry.window.

	      Do not show the toolbar.	Preference item: General.Toolbar = no.

	      Do not show any icon (presumably to keep as much space as	possi-
	      ble for the map).	 Preference item: General.Icons	= no

	      Show  the	boundaries of the maps index grid (a variant of	the R-
	      Tree index).  This option	is for debug purpose only.

       --trip Open the given tripname on startup.

	      Use the specified	GPS source. Two	 URL  formats  only  are  sup-
	      ported:  "gpsd://host/"  (access	the GPS	through	a gpsd server)
	      and "file://path"	or "path" (path	must be	a full path).	As  an
	      exception,  this	option is not sticky: it does override the re-
	      lated preferences	item, but the preferences  are	not  modified.
	      The  main	 rational  for this behavior is	to make	it painless to
	      replay GPS logs.

	      Set the number of	entries	in the roadmap's  map  cache.  To  in-
	      crease  performances,  roadmap  keeps  the  last	used map files
	      mapped in	memory.	This option defines how	many map files can  be
	      mapped  at  a  given  time. The greater this number is, the more
	      system ressources	(virtual memory	page descriptors) roadmap will
	      use.  Preference item: Map.Cache

	      Print  debug  messages.  If  a list of source files is provided,
	      only messages generated  from  within  these  source  files  are

	      Enable some log messages (a subset of the	debug messages).

       --help Show a description of the	program	options	and quit.


	      Specifies	extra paths to use when	looking	for maps.

       Pascal Martin <>

       This  manual  page  was	written	 by Petter Reinholdtsen	for the	Debian

       gpsd(1) roadgps(1)

Petter Reinholdtsen		     1.0.8			    roadmap(1)


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