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RLETORLA(1)		    General Commands Manual		   RLETORLA(1)

       rletorla	 -  convert  a	Utah  RLE image	file into a Wavefront "rla" or
       "rlb" image file.

       rletorla	[ -b ] [ -h ] [	-v ] [ -o outfile ] [ infile ]

       This program converts Utah RLE(5) image files into Wavefront  "rla"  or
       "rlb"  image  files.   Rletorla	will  handle  four types of RLE	files:
       Grayscale (8 bit	data, no color map), Pseudocolor (8 bit	 data  with  a
       color map), Truecolor (24 bit data with color map), and Directcolor (24
       bit data, no color map).	 In each case the  resulting  Wavefront	 image
       file  will  contain  RGB	 data as well as a matte channel.  If no alpha
       channel is found	in the RLE file, the Wavefront matte channel  will  be
       computed	 using	the  RGB or mapped data.  The entire area of the Wave-
       front image will	be run length encoded.	 The  size  of	the  Wavefront
       "bounding  box"	data  structure	will be	set to that of the total image

       NOTE:  Even though images of any	size can be  converted,	 Wavefront  is
       very  fussy about image dimensions.  Normally, the converted image must
       be one of the following sizes or	Wavefront will complain	 with  "ERROR,
       cannot open image file filename,	error -8":

       646x485 (0-645x0-484) ntsc_4d
       720x486 (0-719x0-485) qtl_ntsc
       636x484 (0-635x0-483) iris_ntsc
       1024x1024 (0-1023x0-1023) 1k_square

       To  get	around	this  problem, the aspect ratio	field in the Wavefront
       "rla" file will be "faked" with "ntsc_4d" for all formats that  do  not
       match  one of those shown above.	 This way, Wavefront will find a valid
       format string, and any image size will be readable.  "rlb"  image  file
       do not have this	limitation.

       -b     This  option will	cause rletorla to create a Wavefront "rlb" im-
	      age file instead of using	the default "rla" conversion.

       -v     This option will cause rletorla  to  operate  in	verbose	 mode.
	      Header information is printed to "stderr".

       -h     This  option  allows  the	header of the RLE file to be dumped to
	      "stderr" without converting the file.  It	is equivalent to using
	      the -v option except that	no file	conversion takes place.

       -o outfile
	      This  option allows the name of the output file to be specified.
	      Re-directing standard output as is  done	with  most  all	 other
	      toolkit  utilities  is  not permitted here because the resulting
	      "rla" or "rlb" file is not written sequentially.

       infile The name of the RLE image	data file to be	converted.   The  name
	      of the resulting Wavefront file will be derived from the name of
	      the input	file (unless the -o option is used) --	the  extension
	      will be changed from "rle" to "rla" or "rlb".  (Note: if you use
	      the extended input file names described in urt(1), this will re-
	      sult in a	very strange filename for the Wavefront	file.)

       rletorla	-v lenna.rle
	      While  running  in  verbose mode,	convert	lenna.rle to Wavefront
	      rla format and store resulting data in lenna.rla.

       rletorla	-h test.0001.rle
	      Dump  the	 header	  information	of   the   RLE	 file	called

       rletorla	-b -o junk.rlb test.rle
	      Convert test.rle into a Wavefront	"rlb" file called junk.rlb.

       rlatorle(1), urt(1), RLE(5).

       Wesley C. Barris
       Army High Performance Computing Research	Center (AHPCRC)
       Minnesota Supercomputer Center, Inc.

1				 May 30, 1990			   RLETORLA(1)


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