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RLEHDR(1)		    General Commands Manual		     RLEHDR(1)

       rlehdr -	Prints the header of an	RLE file

       rlehdr [	-b ] [ -ccomment-names ] [ -d ]	[ -m ] [ -v ] [	files ...  ]

       This  program  prints  the  header  of RLE(5) files in a	human readable
       form.  If the optional files argument is	not supplied,  input  is  read
       from standard input.

       -b     Print  the  information in a "brief" one-line form.  The form of
	      the output line is
	      name: [l,b]+[xs,ys]xnc+A,	BG=color, map=NxL, (C)
	      Where [l,b] is the position of the lower-left corner of the  im-
	      age,  [xs,ys] is the size	of the image in	pixels,	nc is the num-
	      ber of channels saved, +A	is present  if	an  alpha  channel  is
	      saved.   BG=  or OV= indicate that a background color was	saved;
	      OV= means	that the existing background is	 not  cleared  to  the
	      background  color	 before	the image is read (this	was used for a
	      cheap form of  compositing,  but	is  basically  obsolete	 now).
	      color  is	 the  saved  background	color.	The map= entry will be
	      present only if a	color map was saved; N is the number of	 chan-
	      nels  in	the color map and L is the length of the map.  Finally
	      (C) is appended if there are comments present.

       -c comment-names
	      If a comment identified by any of	the words in  the  comma-sepa-
	      rated list comment-names is present in the input file, its first
	      line will	be printed.  Each name is tried, in turn, and only the
	      first  match is printed.	If no match is found, but comments are
	      present, (C) will	be printed.  The -c flag implies -b.

       -d     Dump a very verbose version of the image contents	as text	to the
	      standard error output stream.

       -m     Print out	the color map information.  -v Prints the raster tool-
	      kit version and patch level.  No input files will	 be  processed
	      if this option is	given.

       rlehdr image.rle
	      Print  the  header  information  for  all	images in the file im-

       rlehdr -m image.rle
	      Also print the color map contents, if one	is present.

       rlehdr -b *.rle
	      Print one	line summaries of all the images in the	directory.

       rlehdr -c title,TITLE *.rle
	      Print one	line summaries of all the images, and print the	 title
	      of any that have a title comment.

       urt(1), RLE(5).

       Spencer W. Thomas, University of	Utah

4th Berkeley Distribution	 Jan 22, 1987			     RLEHDR(1)


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