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RLE_GETROW(3)		   Library Functions Manual		 RLE_GETROW(3)

       rle_getrow - Read a scanline of pixels from an RLE file.

       #include	<rle.h>

       rle_getrow( the_hdr, rows );
       rle_hdr * the_hdr;
       rle_pixel ** rows;

       Rle_getrow  reads information for a single scanline from	the input file
       each time it is called.	The_hdr	should point to	the structure initial-
       ized  by	 rle_get_setup(3).   The array rows should contain pointers to
       arrays of characters, into which	the scanline  data  will  be  written.
       There should be as many elements	in rows	as there are primary colors in
       the input file (typically 1 or 3), and the scanline arrays must be  in-
       dexable	up to the maximum X coordinate,	as specified by	the_hdr->xmax.
       rle_getrow returns the y	value of the scanline just  read.   This  will
       always be 1 greater than	the y value from the scanline previously read,
       and  starts  at	the_hdr->ymin.	 Only  those   channels	  enabled   by
       the_hdr->bits will be returned.

       If   an	alpha  channel	is  present  in	 the  input  and  enabled  (by
       RLE_SET_BIT, see	rle_hdr(3)), then rows	should	include	 a  -1	entry.
       (I.e.,  rows[-1]	 should	point to a valid scanline array.)  The easiest
       way to ensure this is to	use rle_row_alloc(3) to	allocate rows.

       Rle_getrow will continue	to return scanlines even after the end of  the
       input  file  has	 been reached, incrementing the	return scanline	number
       each time it is called.	The calling program should use some other ter-
       mination	criterion (such	as the scanline	number reaching	the_hdr->ymax,
       or explicitly testing testing  for  end	of  file  on  the  input  with
       feof(infile).  The second test may fail if rle_getrow has encountered a
       logical EOF in the file.	 The first will	always work eventually.)

       The code	below reads the	first two 3 color scanlines of 512 pixels from
       an RLE file on the standard input.

		 char scanline[2][3][512], *rows[3];
		 int row, i;
		 rle_dflt_hdr.rle_file = stdin;
		 rle_get_setup(	&rle_dflt_hdr );
		 for ( row = 0;	row < 2; row++ )
		      for ( i =	0; i < 3; i++ )
			   rows[i] = scanline[row][i];
		      rle_getrow( &rle_dflt_hdr, rows );

       rle_hdr(3), rle_row_alloc(3), rle_row_free(3), rle_get_setup(3),
       rle_getraw(3), rle_getskip(3), rle_putrow(3), librle(3),	RLE(5).

       Spencer W. Thomas, Todd Fuqua
       University of Utah

4th Berkeley Distribution	    2/2/87			 RLE_GETROW(3)


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