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rioutil(1)		       Unix Rio	Utility			    rioutil(1)

	    rioutil - Unix Rio Utility

	    rioutil <option> [file(s)]

       rioutil	is  a  program	designed  to  interface	 with Sonic Blue's Rio
       600/800/900/Riot/S-Series and psa[play.

       -l, --list
	      list files currently on the rio.

       -i, --info
	      return info about	rio. i.e. name,	memory,	etc..

       -j, --playlist <name> <list of mem_unit,song>
	      create a playlist	with name on an	S-Series or newer Rio

       example (create the playlist fubar with song 0 on mem_unit 0 and	song 1
       on mem_unit 1):

       o   rioutil -j fubar 0,0	1,0

       -n, --name=string
	   rename the rio. 15 Chars MAX

       -v, --version
	   print version number	of rioutil

       -?, -h, --help
	   show	simple help screen

       -e, --debug
	      increase debug level -eee	yields full verbosity

       -k, --nocolor
	      supress ansi color output

       -z, --recovery
	      use recovery mode. works with -f or -u

       -o, --device=int
	      specify the minor	number of the rio. (doesnt work	right now)

       -m, --memory=int
	      specify which memory device to use.  internal = 0	external = 1

       -a, --upload=string
	      upload a new track/file to the rio.

       -b, --bulk
	      upload multiple tracks/files.

       -p, --pipe <is mp3> <filename> <bitrate>	<samplerate>
	      reads a file from	stdin and uploads it to	the rio.


       o   cat file.mp3	| rioutil --artist "Foo" --pipe	1 file.mp3 128 44100

       -u, --update=string
	   special  upload function for	installing new firmware. argument is a
	   .lok	file.

       -s, --artist=string
	   specify the artist of the track to be uplaoded. 63 Chars MAX

       -t, --title=string
	   specify the title of	the track to be	uploaded. 63 Chars MAX

       -r, --album=string
	   specify the album of	the track to be	uploaded. 63 Chars MAX

       -c, --download=int
	      download track(s)	from the rio.


       o   -c 12	  download track 12

       o   -c "1-12"	  download tracks 1 through 12

       o   -c "1 2 3"	  download tracks 1, 2 and 3

       -d, --delete=int
	      delete track(s) from the rio.


       o   -d 12	  delete track 12

       o   -d "1-12"	  delete tracks	1 through 12

       o   -d "1 2 3"	  delete tracks	1, 2 and 3

       -f, --format
	   format memory device.

       replaced	by rioutil -z works with update	and format commands

       Written by Nathan Hjelm.

       Report bugs to <>.

       Copyright(C) 2001-2005 Nathan Hjelm.
       This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There  is
       NO warranty.

Version	1.5.0			20 January 2004			    rioutil(1)

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