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regina-config(1)	    General Commands Manual	      regina-config(1)

       regina-config - Developer Configuration for The Regina Rexx interpreter

       regina-config [ options ]

       regina-config supplies configuration information	to a developer intend-
       ing to use the Rexx SAA API for embedding Regina	into their application
       or writing Rexx external	function packages.

       --help Displays usage.

	      Displays installed version of Regina.

	      Displays the installed prefix directory.

	      Displays	yes if the installed version for Regina	is thread-safe
	      or no if not thread-safe.

	      Displays the pre-processor and compiler flags.

       --libs Displays the linker flags.

       The Regina Rexx interpreter is distributed under	the GNU	 Library  Gen-
       eral Public License, see	the file `COPYING-LIB' in the source code dis-

       Anders	Christensen,   University   of	  Trondheim,	Norway	  <an->.

       Changes to Regina since 0.07a, Mark Hessling <mark (at)>

See Also
       There are several good reference	books on Rexx. The most	famous is "The
       Rexx Language" by Mike  Cowlishaw.   Visit  (The
       Rexx Language Association) for any Rexx related information.


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