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REGGAE(1)		FreeBSD	General	Commands Manual		     REGGAE(1)

     reggae -- REGister	Globaly	Access Everywhere is a package which helps in
     common DevOps tasks

     reggae <command>

     Reggae is an open source package which relays on CBSD to provide lower
     level management for jails	and virtual machines.

     If	you have ever used Vagrant or Docker Compose, Reggae is	best described
     as	an alternative to those. It enables you	easy development inside	jail
     while code	editing	is done	on the host. It	makes transition from develop-
     ment to production	easier by using	provisioners. It makes host clean of
     all requirements of development and puts them inside jail which is	easily
     stopped, started, provisioned, and	destroyed.

     To	initialize Reggae run the following as root:

	   reggae network-init
	   # service pflog restart
	   # service pf	restart
	   service sshd	restart
	   reggae cbsd-init
	   reggae master-init

     PF	is initialized only if /etc/pf.conf doesn't exist already. In those
     cases PF services should be restarted.

     Through config file in /usr/local/etc/reggae.conf you can change values
     for anything Reggae is using. reggae network-init will make sure sshd is
     listening to lo0 on hosts with dynamic IP,	and on lo0 and egress if the
     IP	is static.  This way host sshd doesn't have a conflict with the	jailed
     one. Also,	if IP is dynamic, PF will be configured	so it redirects	all
     requests for SSH on egress	to lo0.	One of the advantages is that you can
     use ssh's ProxyCommand to login to	jail, even though jail is behind NAT.

     Ater reggae master-init, you'll get two master jails: DHCP	and DNS. They
     are used to lease IPs to virtual machines and to register all resources
     in	DNS so that you	can use	FQDN instead of	IP addresses. The DNS jail IP
     is	used in	/etc/resolvconf.conf if	host has dynamic IP on egress, so that
     changes of	network	parameters are passed to the appropriate jail. Also,
     host will use DNS jail IP in /etc/resolv.conf. In short, it enables you
     to	not remember jail IPs when you have to use them, but use <jail
     name>.<domain> to reference them, in which	case comes from	/usr/lo-

     reggae-init(1) reggae-project(1) reggae-project-init(1)
     reggae-provision(1) reggae-register(1) reggae-service(1)

     Report bugs to

     Goran MekiA <>

FreeBSD	13.0			 May 20, 2018			  FreeBSD 13.0


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