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read_bbrlog(1)		FreeBSD	General	Commands Manual		read_bbrlog(1)

     read_bbrlog -- Decode the logging data generated by BBR to	the tcp	logger

     read_bbrlog [-FlOenrtU?] [-d directory_where_logs_are]
		 [-i input-base-name-of-log] [-o output-file] [-N number]

     The read_bbrlog utility is	designed to read data generated	by BBR and
     placed into the black box.	It by default will read	from the black box
     logging directory and process record files	in sucession for the selected
     flow. It generates	a textual file that describes the events and processes
     that BBR went through during processing of	a connection.

     The options are as	follows:

     -d	     Do	not use	the default tcplog_dumper's output-directory instead
	     read files	from the directory specified.

     -i	     The input name of the file	series that you	wish the program to
	     examine. You must include this option and it should be the	base
	     name of a series of files in the form input-file. N.pcapng.xz.
	     Note that the program will	also read non xz'd files as well.
	     There must	be a .0. file in order for the program to function
	     otherwise it will not see any files.

     -o	     Dump output to the	file output-file. If you do not	specify	a
	     file, then	the output is dumped to	standard out. You may want to
	     include this option since the output can be quite large.

     -N	     Will include the flow number given	in all output lines as speci-
	     fied. This	can be used when later sorting and merging multiple
	     flow files	to be able to tell what	flow a given line is from.

     -e	     include extra data, normally the utility tries to only print one
	     line of output per	record,	but with this flag some	records	will
	     display multiple lines.

     -F	     Display file names	as you process.	With this option a line	start-
	     ing with a	# symbol will be output	as each	file is	opened.

     -l	     Condense state change logging. During processing do not display
	     state changes if the pacing gain does not change i.e. during the
	     6 steps of	no-gain	in PROBE_BW don't display the state change.
	     The default for this is to	display	the state changes.

     -O	     Show less output, with this option	the program will not output
	     every processing message but reduce its output to a minimum.

     -t	     Print out the seconds.useconds value of time in the output	as

     -r	     Display time as a relative	thing based on the beginning of	the

     -U	     Include user send events, the program by default does not show
	     you when a	user sends. Since it is	not a BBR message (and comes
	     from the base stack) no BBR information is	carried	with a user
	     send. If you wish to see these include this option.

     -?	     Display a help message.

     All flags with the	exception of the -i option are optional. It is
     strongly advised that you use the -o option to redirect output or use the
     shell to redirect it, since the output tends to be	long.


     The program currently will	not read a session that	is not starting	at
     file 0. And it terminates processing when it lacks	the next file number
     in	sequence. So for example if you	had file.0.pcapng, file.1.pcapng,
     file.3.pcapng the program would not read past file.1.pcapng. If you are
     missing file.0.pcapng then	the program would output nothing.

     In	the future a -f	option should probably be added	to force a specific
     file and specify the full file name.

FreeBSD	13.0			 Oct 17, 2017			  FreeBSD 13.0


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