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RADVD(8)							      RADVD(8)

       radvd - router advertisement daemon for IPv6

       radvd [ -hsvc ] [ -d debuglevel ] [ -C configfile ] [ -p	pidfile	] [ -m
       logmethod ] [ -l	logfile	] [ -n nodaemon	] [ -f facility	] [ -t chroot-
       dir ] [ -u username ]

       radvd is	the router advertisement daemon	for IPv6. It listens to	router
       solicitations and sends router advertisements as	described in "Neighbor
       Discovery  for  IP Version 6 (IPv6)" (RFC 4861).	 With these advertise-
       ments hosts can automatically configure their addresses and some	 other
       parameters.  It	also defines "Neighbor Discovery Optimization for IPv6
       over Low-Power Wireless Personal	Area Networks  (6LoWPANs)"  (RFC6775).
       They also can choose a default router based on these advertisements.

       The  configuration file must not	be writable by others, and if non-root
       operation is requested, not even	by self/own group.

       For every one character option there is also a long  option,  which  is
       listed right next to the	"short"	option name:

       -v, --version
	      Displays the version of radvd and	then aborts.

       -h, --help
	      Displays a short usage description and then aborts.

       -c, --configtest
	      Test configuration and do	startup	tests and then exit.

       -n, --nodaemon
	      Prevent the daemonizing.

       -d debuglevel, --debug debuglevel
	      With  this  option you turn on debugging information. The	debug-
	      ging level is an integer in the range from 1 to 5,  from	 quiet
	      to very verbose. A debugging level of 0 completely turns off de-
	      bugging. If a debugging level greater  than  0  is  used,	 radvd
	      doesn't  background itself on start. The default debugging level
	      is 0.

       -C configfile, --config configfile
	      Specifies	an alternate config file. Normally the compiled	in de-
	      fault /usr/local/etc/radvd.conf is used.

       -p pidfile, --pidfile pidfile
	      Specifies	an alternate pidfile. Normally the compiled in default
	      /var/run/ is used.

       -m method, --logmethod method
	      Specifies	the logging method to use. Possibly values are:

	      none   Completely	disables any logging.

		     Logs to the logfile which is specified by the -l  option.
		     If	 no  logfile  is specified on the command line,	then a
		     compiled in default is used (see next option).

	      stderr Logs to standard error.

		     Logs only the high	messages (of at	least  LOG_ERR	prior-
		     ity) to standard error, and everything to syslog (default

	      syslog Logs to syslog.

       -l logfile, --logfile logfile
	      Specifies	the logfile to use when	using the logging method  log-
	      file.  The default logfile is /var/log/radvd.log.

       -f facility, --facility facility
	      Specifies	 the  facility	(as an integer)	when using syslog log-
	      ging. Default is LOG_DAEMON.

       -t chrootdir, --chrootdir chrootdir
	      If specified, switches to	chrootdir before doing anything	 else.
	      This  directory  and its subdirectories must have	been populated
	      first.  For security reasons, -u must always be used when	 using

	      Note  that  on Linux radvd requires access to the	/proc filesys-
	      tem, so it is more challenging to	set up the chroot environment.

       -u username, --username username
	      If specified, drops root privileges and changes user ID to user-
	      name  and	 group	ID  to the primary group of username.  This is
	      recommended for security reasons.	 You might also	need to	use -p
	      to  point	 to  a	file  in  a username -writable directory (e.g.


       There certainly are some	bugs. If you find them or have	other  sugges-
       tions please contact Reuben Hawkins <>.

       radvd.conf(5), radvdump(8)

       Pedro Roque    <> - wrote first	version	for Linux
       Lars Fenneberg <>  - previous maintainer
       Nathan Lutchansky   <>    - previous maintainer
       Pekka Savola   <>     -	previous maintainer
       Craig Metz     <>	  - port to NRL's IPv6 code for	BSD4.4
       Marko Myllynen <>	  - RFC	2461 update, Mobile IPv6 support
       Jim Paris <>	     - Privilege separation support
       Reuben Hawkins  <>   - current maintainer
       Pierre Ossman   <>      - RFC6106 (DNSSL) support
       Varka Bhadram  <> - 6LoWPAN-ND (RFC6775) support
       Robin H.	Johnson	   <>	    - RA splitting per RFC 6980	& RFC4861#6.2.3

radvd 2.19			  14 Dec 2010			      RADVD(8)


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