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QPDF(1)				 User Commands			       QPDF(1)

       qpdf - PDF transformation software

       qpdf [ options ]	infilename [ outfilename ]

       The  qpdf program is used to convert one	PDF file to another equivalent
       PDF file.  It is	capable	of performing  a  variety  of  transformations
       such as linearization (also known as web	optimization or	fast web view-
       ing), encryption, and decryption	of PDF files.  It also	has  many  op-
       tions  for  inspecting  or checking PDF files, some of which are	useful
       primarily to PDF	developers.

       For a summary of	qpdf's options,	please run qpdf	 --help.   A  complete
       manual  can  be	found in /usr/local/share/doc/qpdf/qpdf-manual.html or

qpdf version 10.0.1		  April	2008			       QPDF(1)


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