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       QComicBook - QT viewer for comic	book archives (cbr/cbz)

       qcomicbook [archive] [dir] ...

       QComicBook   is	 a   viewer   for   comic   book  archives  containing
       jpeg/png/xpm/gif	images,	which aims at convenience and simplicity.

       Features	include:
	-  automatic  decompression  of	 zip  (cbz),  rar  (cbr),  ace	(cba),
       targzipped (cbg)	and tarbzip2ped	(cbb) archives
	- full-screen mode
	- two-pages viewing
	- page scaling
	- mouse	or keyboard navigation
	- bookmarks
	- thumbnails
	- page caching and page	preloading
	- ... and more

       QComicBook software requirements:
	-  rar/unrar  (one of them), unzip, unace and tar (with	gzip and bzip2
       support	compiled-in)  available	 somewhere  in	the  PATH   (e.g.   in
       /usr/bin).  If  one  of them is missing,	you won't be able to open some
	- a lot	of disk	space available	in /tmp	directory, for handling	decom-
       pression	of archives


       File menu provies basic operations for loading comic books:
	- Open directory - open	directory containg images.
	- Open archive - open archived images.
	- Recently opened - list of ten	recently opened	archives / directories
       (most recently opened on	the top).
	- Info - displays information about currenly opened comic  book.  This
       includes	 contents of file_id.diz *.nf o	files (if any) as well as mem-
       ory usage info.
	- Settings - allows you	to fine-tune some options.
	- Close	- closes currently opened comic	book.
	- Quit - quits QComicBook.

       QComicBook offers some tunable options, available via Settings menu op-
       tion. These options include:
	-  Background color - the color	of the empty area around displayed im-
	- Hide	menubar	 in  fullscreen	 mode  -  menubar  may	be  hidded  in
       fullscreen mode if desired; together with toolbar hiding	option,	it may
       give you	the whole screen for displaying	page contents.
	- Hide statusbar in fullscreen mode  -	statusbar  may	be  hidden  in
       fullscreen mode,	giving you even	more space.
	-  Small  mouse	 cursor	 - toggles small (4x4 pixels) mouse cursor for
       QComicBook window.
	- Scaling method - the algorithm used for image	scaling; either	Smooth
       or  Fast.  Smooth  scaling  provides best quality, but is slower; it is
       recommened method unless	you have really	slow machine.
	- Cache	size - the number of pages kept	in memory. Value of 0 disables
       caching;	1 has no effect	on performance;	2 or more may improve your ex-
       perience. Keep in mind, that caching may	consume	a lot of memory	-  for
       example,	an 1280x1984 image may take as much as 9Mb of memory!
	-  Preload next	page - enables page preloading in the background. This
       setting takes effect only for cache size	of 3 and greater. It is	recom-
       mended  to enable this option, as it may	really improve overall experi-
	- Use disk cache for thumbnails	- thumbnails are saved to disk,	 which
       speeds  up  things  when	 loading them later. Set this option on	if you
       tend to open comic books	more then once.
	- Number of days to keep thumbnails - defines, for how	long  to  keep
       thumbnails on disk; old thumbnails are deleted when exiting QComicBook.
       Value of	0 disables purging.
	- Help browser - allows	to choose between simple built-in browser (the
       default)	or any other external web browser.
	- Forward and backward two pages in two-pages mode.
	-  Open	info dialog after opening comic	book - when enabled, info dia-
       log is opened after opening comic book. You may still open this	dialog
       manually	with File/Info menu option.
	- Confirm exit.

       Note: changing cache size takes effect on new comic book.


       View submenu provides some basic	settings for page view.

       You can select one of the following scaling modes:
	-  Original  size - no scaling is done and original image size is pre-
	- Fit width - image is scaled to fit window width.
	- Fit height - image is	scaled to fit window height.
	- Whole	page - image is	scaled to fit window.
	- Best fit - depending on image	 dimensions,  QComicBook  chooses  the
       best method to scale image.

       The page	can be rotated with 90 degree step, with these options:
	- Rotate right - rotates image clockwise.
	- Rotate left -	rotates	image counter clockwise.
	- No rotation -	resets rotation, restores original image.
	-  Preserve  rotation  -  makes	 rotation "permanent" for viewing next

       Other options in	this menu:
	- Fullscreen - toggles beetween	fullscreen and windowed	 mode;	please
       note,  that  depending  on  you	settings,  menubar  may	 be  hidden in
       fullscreen mode,	so to back to windowed mode you	need to	press  F11  or
       ESC key.
	-  Two pages - display two pages, side by side,	just like when reading
       normal book.
	- Japanese mode	- scrolls to top-right corner on page change;  in  two
       pages mode additionaly swaps pages.
	- Thumbnails - toggles thumbnails window.
	-  Scrollbars  -  toggles  displaying  of  scrollbars for large	pages;
       please note that	scrollbars will	be shown only if necessary.
	- Toolbar - toggles displaying of toolbar.
	- Statusbar - toggles displaying of statusbar.

       Settings	in this	menu are saved when quitting  QComicBook  (except  for
       "fullscreen" option).


       Bookmarks menu allows you to bookmark pages in comic books. These book-
       marks are however somewhat different than, for  example,	 in  any  web-
       browser	and  are  more similiar	to real	bookmarks. Each	bookmark keeps
       bookmarked page number (as well as file name), so you can easily	 start
       with your comic book from the point, where you last stopped reading.

       Two options are available in this menu:
	- Set bookmark for this	comicbook - creates bookmark for current comic
       book; existing bookmark for this	comic book is deleted.
	- Remove bookmark for this comicbook - removes existing	 bookmark  for
       current comic book; to remove other bookmarks, use Manage bookmarks op-
	- Manage bookmarks - opens bookmark manager, where  bookmarks  can  be
       easily removed.

       Below  these options you	can see	the list of currently saved bookmarks.
       Just click on one of them to go to bookmarked comic book	and page.

       Keyboard	reference:
	- Ctrl+O	 - Open	archive
	- Ctrl+D	 - Open	directory
	- Alt+I		 - Show	comicbook info
	- Arrows	 - Scroll page contents
	- Shift	+ Arrows - Scroll page contents	fast
	- PageDown	 - Go to next page
	- PageUp	 - Go to previous page
	- Home		 - Scroll to page top
	- End		 - Scroll to page bottom
	- Space		 - Scroll down by visible width	(hint: enable continu-
       ous scrolling to	jump to	next page after	reaching bottom)
	- Backspace	 - Scroll up by	visible	width (hint: enable continuous
	- Alt+O		 - Original image size
	- Alt+W		 - Fit page width
	- Alt+H		 - Fit page height
	- Alt+A		 - Show	whole page
	- Alt+B		 - Best	fit
	- Alt+T		 - Toggle thumbnails window
	- F11		 - Toggle fullscreen mode
	- ESC		 - Exit	fullscreen mode

       Here is some information	for people interested in QComicBook internals.

       1. Settings handling

       QComicBook keeps	settings in ~/.qcomicbook directory within  these  two
	- qcomicbookrc - main configuration file
	- bookmarks - bookmarks	file

       Both  files  are	plain text files and may be edited manually (with cau-
       tion!), if needed.

       2. Thumbnails handling

       Thumbnails are stored  (if  thumbnails  disk  caching  is  enabled)  in
       ~/.qcomicbook/cache directory.

       3. Archives handling

       Archived	  comic	  books	  are	decompressed  to  temporary  directory
       (/tmp/qcomicbook-XXXXX, with XXXXX being	some random number). This  di-
       rectory is purged when closing current comic book, opening a new	one or
       quitting	QComicBook.

       QComicBook was written by Pawel Stolowski <>.

       This  manual  page  was	written	 by  Michal  Pena  (   <mp@ho->, for	the Debian project (but	may be used by others).

Michal Pena (		 july 31, 2005			 QCOMICBOOK(1)


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