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PYTHONSUDOKU(6)			 Games Manual		       PYTHONSUDOKU(6)

       Python Sudoku - A sudoku	creator/resolver

SYNOPSIS [options] files...

       Python Sudoku is	a text and graphical (gtk interface) program to	create
       or resolve sudokus. It can also print a sudoku (1 or 4 sudokus in  each
       page) and write an image	(png, jpeg, etc) with a	sudoku. is the graphical interface of Python Sudoku.

       These  programs follow the usual	GNU command line syntax, with long op-
       tions starting with two dashes (`-').  A	summary	of options is included

       -w, --whatis
	      Information about	what is	sudoku.

	      Show program's version number and	exit.

       -h, --help
	      Show summary of options.

       Creation	Options:

	      Set the difficulty of the	sudoku (hard, normal, easy)

	      Set the handicap of the sudoku (0	= insane, 1 = insane + 1 extra
	      number, etc)

	      Set the region width. The	board will be HxW grid of WxH grids.

	      Set the region height. The board will be HxW grid	of WxH grids.

       Print Options:

	      Set the command to print.

       Print and PDF Options:

	      Set the page size	("A4", "LEGAL",	"LETTER", etc)

	      Don't draw the title text.

	      Set the title font.

	      Set the title colour ("black", "blue", etc)

	      Set the title font size.

	      Don't draw the filename.

	      Set the filename font.

	      Set the filename colour ("black",	"blue",	etc)

	      Set the filename size.

       --four Show 4 sudokus instead of	1.

	      Show valids fonts.

       Image Options:

	      Set the image format ("png", "jpeg", etc)

	      Set the image width in pixels.

	      Set the image height in pixels.

	      Create a transparent image without  background  (if  the	format
	      doesn't support transparency a black background is created)

	      Set the image background ("white", "blue", etc)

       Print, PDF and Image Options:

	      Show letters instead of numbers >	9.

	      Show only	numbers.

	      Set the lines colour ("black", "blue", etc)

	      Set  the	font for the numbers (absolute path or relative	to the

	      Set the font size	for the	numbers.

	      Set the font colour for the numbers ("black", "blue", etc)

       Python  Sudoku  was  written  by	 Xose  Otero  <xoseotero@users.source->.

       Report bugs to <>.

				August 1, 2006		       PYTHONSUDOKU(6)


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