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PVM(1PVM)			PVM Version 3.4			     PVM(1PVM)

       pvm - PVM version 3 console

       pvm [ -options ]	[ hostfile ]

       Pvm  is	a  stand alone PVM task	which allows the user to interactively
       query and modify	the virtual machine.  The console can be  started  and
       stopped multiple	times on any of	the hosts in the virtual machine with-
       out affecting PVM or any	applications that may be running.

       When started pvm	determines if PVM is already running and if not	 auto-
       matically  executes  pvmd3 on this host,	passing	pvmd3 the command line
       options and host	file.  Thus PVM	need not be running to start the  con-
       sole.  Once started the console prints the prompt:

       The following console commands are available:
	   add	hostname(s)    - Add hosts to virtual machine
	   alias	       - Define/list command aliases
	   conf		       - List virtual machine configuration
	   delete  hostname(s) - Delete	hosts from virtual machine
	   echo		       - Echo arguments
	   export	       - Add environment variables to spawn export list
	   halt		       - Stop pvmds
	   help	[command]      - Print helpful information about a command
	   id		       - Print console task id
	   jobs		       - List running jobs
	   kill	 task-tid      - Terminate tasks
	   mstat host-tid      - Show status of	hosts
	   ps -a	       - List all PVM tasks
	   pstat task-tid      - Show status of	tasks
	   quit		       - Exit console
	   reset	       - Kill all tasks
	   setenv	       - Display/set environment variables
	   sig	signum task    - Send signal to	task
	   spawn [opt] a.out   - Spawn task
		opts are: -(count)  number of tasks, default is	1
		    -(host)   spawn on host, default is	any
		    -(ARCH)   spawn on hosts of	ARCH
		    -?	      enable debugging
			  ->	    redirect task output to console
			  -> file   redirect task output to file
			  ->>file   redirect task output append	to file
	   trace	       - Set/display trace event mask
	   unexport - Remove environment variables from	spawn export list
	   unalias - Undefine command alias
	   version - Show libpvm version

       pvm  reads $HOME/.pvmrc before reading commands from the	tty, so	it can
       be used to customize the	console	environment, for example:
	   alias ? help
	   alias j jobs
	   # print my id
	   echo	new pvm	shell

       Starts up pvmd3 on the local host or connects to	running	pvmd3.

	    pvm	 hostfile
       Starts up console and pvmd3, which inturn reads the host	file and  adds
       the listed computers to the virtual machine.

       pvm_intro(1PVM),	pvmd3(1PVM)

				30 August, 1993			     PVM(1PVM)


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