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MTS(6)				 Games Manual				MTS(6)

       mts - MARS tournament scheduler


       Mts  is	a  scheduler  for corewar tournaments. It runs either a	round-
       robin (all warriors fight each other) or	a set  of  battles  where  the
       first  warrior  fights  the  remaining warriors in turn.	A rank listing
       similar to KotH's is produced at	the end.  Mts prompts for all  tourna-
       ment  parameters	 and  the  warrior  list; input	can be saved to	a file
       which can later be redirected as	in mts	<  inputfile.	You  can  also
       specify "inputfile" on the command line.

       Mts  is	a generic scheduler, i.e. it works with	many different corewar
       interpreters (MARSs). The MARS should run non-interactively and	accept
       options and the name of two warrior files on the	command	line. The MARS
       should also echo	the result of a	battle to stdout. The output  contains
       either  three  integers in a row	which are interpreted as wins1,	wins2,
       and ties, or four integers which	are interpreted	as wins1, ties,	wins2,
       ties.  The  former  format  is produced by pMARS, mercury2 and c88; the
       latter by KotH and pMARS	-k.

       Mts has an auto-recovery	feature. If aborted by Ctrl-C, kill or logout,
       it  saves  intermediate results to the file _recover.mts.  If mts finds
       this file in the	current	directory when restarted,  it  continues  with
       the aborted tournament.

       Mts does	not work with the curses display version of pMARS, because the
       curses screen output goes to stdout and clobbers	the battle result.

       Unless pMARS was	compiled with the SERVER option	turned on, ^C will not
       terminate  the  program,	 but  enter the	debugger. So, if you use ^C to
       abort mts, you also need	to enter "quit"	in order  to  terminate	 pMARS
       with a functional debugger.

       Don't use the pMARS -o (order result) option, as	this will confuse mts.

       Stefan Strack (

PMARS PROJECT			April 10, 1994				MTS(6)


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