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privgrp(4)		   Kernel Interfaces Manual		    privgrp(4)

       privgrp - format	of privileged values

       sets  a	mask  of privileges, and returns an array of structures	giving
       privileged group	assignments on	a  per-group-ID	 basis	(see  getpriv-
       grp(2)).	  contains  the	 constants  and	structures needed to deal with
       these system calls, and contains:

       Privileges are as follows:

	      Allows access to the     system call (see	rtprio(2)).
	      Allows access to the     system call (see	plock(2)).
	      Allows access to the     system calls (see chown(2)).
	      Permits the use of the   system call for setting locks on	 files
				       open for	reading	only (see lockf(2)).
	      Permits the use of the   and  system  calls for changing respec-
				       tively the real user ID and real	 group
				       ID of a process (see setuid(2)).

       Privileges  are	described  in a	multi-word mask.  The value of the for
       each privilege is interpreted as	a bit index (counting from 1).	Thus a
       group-id	 can  have  several different privileges associated with it by
       having different	bits ORed into the mask.

       The system is configured	with a specified maximum number	of groups with
       special privileges.  defines this maximum.  Of this maximum, one	is re-
       served for global privileges (granted to	all processes),	 and  the  re-
       mainder can be assigned to actual group-ids.

       defines the size	of the multi-word mask used in defining	privileges as-
       sociated	with a group-ID.

       Privileges are returned to the user from	the system call	in an array of
       structures  of  type  The structure associates a	multi-word mask	with a




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