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PRAUDIT(1)		  BSD General Commands Manual		    PRAUDIT(1)

     praudit --	print the contents of audit trail files

     praudit [-lnpx] [-r | -s] [-d del]	[file ...]

     The praudit utility prints	the contents of	the audit trail	files to the
     standard output in	human-readable form.  If no file argument is speci-
     fied, the standard	input is used by default.

     The options are as	follows:

     -d	del  Specifies the delimiter.  The default delimiter is	the comma.

     -l	     Prints the	entire record on the same line.	 If this option	is not
	     specified,	every token is displayed on a different	line.

     -n	     Do	not convert user and group IDs to their	names but leave	in
	     their numeric forms.

     -p	     Specify this option if input to praudit is	piped from the tail(1)
	     utility.  This causes praudit to sync to the start	of the next

     -r	     Prints the	records	in their raw, numeric form.  This option is
	     exclusive from -s.

     -s	     Prints the	tokens in their	short form.  Short text	representa-
	     tions for record and event	type are displayed.  This option is
	     exclusive from -r.

     -x	     Print audit records in the	XML output format.

     If	the raw	or short forms are not specified, the default is to print the
     tokens in their long form.	 Events	are displayed as per their descrip-
     tions given in /etc/security/audit_event; UIDs and	GIDs are expanded to
     their names; dates	and times are displayed	in human-readable format.

     /etc/security/audit_class	  Descriptions of audit	event classes.
     /etc/security/audit_event	  Descriptions of audit	events.

     auditreduce(1), audit(4), auditpipe(4), audit_class(5), audit_event(5)

     The OpenBSM implementation	was created by McAfee Research,	the security
     division of McAfee	Inc., under contract to	Apple Computer Inc. in 2004.
     It	was subsequently adopted by the	TrustedBSD Project as the foundation
     for the OpenBSM distribution.

     This software was created by McAfee Research, the security	research divi-
     sion of McAfee, Inc., under contract to Apple Computer Inc.  Additional
     authors include Wayne Salamon, Robert Watson, and SPARTA Inc.

     The Basic Security	Module (BSM) interface to audit	records	and audit
     event stream format were defined by Sun Microsystems.

BSD				August 4, 2009				   BSD


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