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PORTINDEX(1)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation	  PORTINDEX(1)

       portindex -- generate an	INDEX file from	cached data

       portindex [-hvqwWL] [-c dir] [-C	file] [-T file]	[-o file]

       portindex processes the cached port description data into the INDEX-7,
       INDEX-8 or INDEX-9 files	used by	the ports system.  The cache contains
       a record	of the one-line	description of all ports generated by "make
       describe", indexed by the port origin directory.	 It also contains a
       record of the master-slave relationships	between	some ports and of
       which Makefiles are included by the port's Makefile, but	that
       information is not used by portindex.

       The processing done by portindex	consists of two	phases.	 When
       generating an INDEX, in the first phase the various direct dependencies
       listed in the raw "make describe" output	(FETCH_DEPENDS,
       LIB_DEPENDS) are	accumulated with the (previously accumulated)
       RUN_DEPENDS list	for each dependency target.  Thus, for example,	the
       final BUILD_DEPENDS dependency list will	contain	everything that	the
       port depends on directly	to build itself, plus all of the dependencies
       required	for those build	tools to run.

       In the second phase the accumulated dependencies	are converted from
       lists of	port origins to	lists of package names,	including version
       numbers.	The data is already sorted, by virtue of the way the Btree
       cache files operate, so all that	remains	is to format it	tidily and
       print it	out.

       The processing done when	generating a SHLIBS file is very similar, but
       in this case only the "LIB_DEPENDS" variable is considered, and library
       dependencies are	accumulated and	printed	out as the list	of ports
       providing the shared libraries depended on.

   Configuration Files
       portindex shares	configuration files with cache-init, cache-update and
       find-updated.  Any configuration	settings are taken from	the following
       locations, where	the later items	on this	list override the earlier:

       o       Built-in	settings from the FreeBSD::Portindex::Config perl

       o       The system wide configuration file /usr/local/etc/portindex.cfg

       o       The per-user configuration file ${HOME}/.portindexrc (ignored
	       if the program is being run by the superuser)

       o       The local configuration file, found in the current working
	       directory of the	cache-init process ./.portindexrc (ignored if
	       the program is being run	by the superuser)

       o       The program command line.

       All of the configuration	files are optional.  A summary of the
       resultant configuration options including the effect of any command
       line settings is	printed	as part	of the help text when portindex	is
       invoked with the	"-h" option.

       --help  Print a brief usage message and a summary of the	configuration
	       settings	after command line processing and then exit.

	       Turn on verbose output printed to "STDERR".  This is the

	       Turn on warning messages	about duplicate	ports and ports
	       unreferenced from their catergory Makefile.  Default: off.

	       Turn off	warning	messages.  This	is the default.

	       Turn off	verbose	output to "STDERR".  Using both	the -v amd -q
	       options together	does not make any sense, but neither does it
	       generate	an error.  The last mentioned of the two options will

       -c dir
	       The location of the portindex data cache, by default

       -C file
	       Berkeley	DB Btree file containing the cached and	post-processed
	       values of a number of "make" variables for all of the ports in
	       the tree.  This file name will be relative to the cache
	       directory (-c option above) unless an absolute path is given.
	       Defaults	to portindex-cache.db.

       -T file
	       A file within the cache directory whose modification time marks
	       the last	time that data was modified in or added	to the cache.
	       Defaults	to portindex-timestamp

       -o file
	       Filename	to write the generated ports INDEX file	to.  Setting
	       this to - means output to STDOUT, which is the default.

	       Make the	generated INDEX	closer to the output of	"make index"
	       by modifying the	"COMMENT" field	so that	any sequence of
	       whitespace characters is	collapsed into a single	space.
	       Default:	off.

	       Instead of the normal INDEX file, generate an alternative
	       SHLIBS index of the available ports.  The SHLIBS	file consists
	       of three	columns	separated by '|' characters.  The first	two
	       columns are the same as in the INDEX file: the package name and
	       version,	followed by the	directory containing the port.	The
	       third column is a space separated list of the cumulative
	       "LIB_DEPENDS" dependencies the port has on other	ports that
	       provide shared libraries.  The use of this is to	identify the
	       ports that would	need to	be reinstalled given an	ABI version
	       bump in some dependency shared library. eg.

	       % grep databases/db46 SHLIBS | cut -d '|' -f 1

       /usr/ports      The default ports directory.

		       The location of the data	cache.

		       Btree file containing cached "make describe" output.

       __db.001, __db.002, __db.003
		       Files used as part of the internal workings of
		       BerkeleyDB, for memory pool management and DB locking.
		       Will be recreated automatically if deleted.

		       This file contains the last time	and date that the
		       cache was updated or modified.

		       System-wide configuration file.

		       Per-user	configuration file

       ./.portindexrc  Local configuration file

       cache-init(1), cache-update(1), find-updated(1),	cvsup(1), ports(7)

       The INDEX file produced by portindex will not be	identical to the
       result of running "make index" from the same ports tree.	 However, the
       differences are mostly cosmetic and seem	to have	no practical impact.

       The sort	order of the entries in	the generated INDEX file is generated
       as a side effect	of the way that	BDB Btree files	work.  It is not
       eactly the same as produced by the sorting methods used in "make
       index".	For example, in	portindex, "x11-clocks", "x11-fm",
       "x11-themes", "x11-toolkits" and	"x11-wm" will all sort before "x11",
       whereas usually they would sort after.

       portindex uses the port origin as its unique key	in the data cache.
       "make index" uses the package name.  Since certain ports	modify their
       package name depending on the local settings and	conditions, this can
       lead to package name collisions.	Such collisions	are weeded out of the
       generated INDEX file by "make index", but not by	portindex.

       Unless the "--crunch-whitespace"	option is given, portindex extracts
       the "COMMENT" lines from	the "make describe" output exactly as shown.
       "make index" collapses multiple spaces to single.

perl v5.32.0			  2015-10-18			  PORTINDEX(1)


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