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PORTFIX(1)		FreeBSD	General	Commands Manual		    PORTFIX(1)

     portfix --	macro to execute three programs	to create a ports patch

     portfix original

     portfix is	a wrapper.  It consecutively runs:

     1.	  dupe original
     2.	  <editor> original
     3.	  genpatch original

     If	PORTEDITOR is defined in the environment then that program will	be
     used to edit [original] file.  If PORTEDITOR is not defined but EDITOR is
     defined, then the EDITOR program will be invoked.	If neither variable is
     defined in	the environment, then vi(1) will be invoked for	the edit step.

     portfix should be launched	when the current working directory is equal to
     the port's	WRKSRC,	and [original] should be a relative path to file that
     needs a patch.  Assuming changes are saved	after the editor appears, a
     patch file	will be	automatically generated	in the proper diff format with
     the standard "make	makepatch" naming convention.  It only needs to	be
     moved to the port's "files" directory to be used.

     If	portfix	is launched outside of the port's WRKSRC, then diff output
     will still	be generated, but it will be sent to stdout rather than	to a
     file.  This will also occur when the port is located outside of the stan-
     dard tree.

     The script	will abort if the number of arguments does not equal one, or
     if	the one	argument is not	an existing regular file.

     If	the editor is closed without making changes, no	patch will be created.
     However, the duplicated file will exist.  If the script is	run again, it
     will detect the duplicate and create a second duplicate with the .inter-
     mediate extension.	 See genpatch(1) for more information.

     PORTEDITOR	 First priority	editor to use for modifying file to be patched

     EDITOR	 Second	priority editor	to use for modifying file to be

     dupe(1), genpatch(1)

     This script was inspired by pkgsrc's pkgdiff suite	although it works a
     bit differently.  It was written by John Marino <> and
     used for a	couple of years	on DragonFly's DPorts before being formally
     imported into FreeBSD Ports Collection.

FreeBSD	13.0			  17 May 2015			  FreeBSD 13.0


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