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PORTEDIT(1)		FreeBSD	General	Commands Manual		   PORTEDIT(1)

     portedit -- edit and refactor FreeBSD Ports Collection Makefiles

     portedit bump-revision [-Diu] [-w wrapcol]	[Makefile]
     portedit bump-epoch [-Diu]	[-w wrapcol] [Makefile]
     portedit get variable-regexp [Makefile]
     portedit merge [-Diu] [-w wrapcol]	[-e expr] [Makefile]
     portedit sanitize-append [-Diu] [-w wrapcol] [Makefile]
     portedit set-version [-Diu] [-w wrapcol] version [Makefile]
     portedit unknown-targets [Makefile]
     portedit unknown-vars [Makefile]

     portedit is a tool	for editing and	refactoring FreeBSD Ports Collection

     If	the optional Makefile argument is not given, the Makefile will be read
     from stdin.

     The following options are shared between the bump-epoch, bump-revision,
     merge, sanitize-append, set-version commands and portfmt(1).

     -D	     Output a unified diff from	the original to	the formatted version.

     -i	     Format Makefile in-place instead of writing the result to stdout.

     -u	     Leave variables unsorted.

     -U	     Always sort variables.

     -w	wrapcol
	     Sets the wrapping column to wrapcol (default: 80).	 This is a
	     goal not a	hard value.  It	will be	ignored	for several variables

	     With a value of -1	it is ignored for all variables.  Variables
	     with wrapped tokens over multiple lines will be concatenated onto
	     a single line.

     portedit bump-epoch [-iu] [-w wrapcol] [Makefile]

	 Same as bump-revision but for PORTEPOCH.

     portedit bump-revision [-iu] [-w wrapcol] [Makefile]

	 Increments PORTREVISION by one.  It will be inserted if not already
	 present in the	Makefile.  If PORTREVISION is not currently in the
	 right place it	will be	moved as part of the operation.

     portedit get variable-regexp [Makefile]

	 Returns the raw tokens	of a variable matching the extended regular
	 expression (see re_format(7)) variable-regexp.

     portedit merge [-iu] [-w wrapcol] [-e expr] [Makefile]

	 Merges	files in make(1) syntax	into Makefile.	The input is read from
	 stdin in the normal case, but one or more -e can be used to specify
	 the input instead.  Each -e is	treated	as if it would be an input

	 This is currently limited to variables	only.  Conditionals and	tar-
	 gets are ignored.

	 The !=	modifier is overloaded to delete variables.  +=	will append to
	 the specified variable.  No deduplication of tokens happens yet.

	 Variables in the target Makefile should be in the order as suggested
	 by portclippy(1) for best results when	inserting new variables.

     portedit sanitize-append [-iu] [-w	wrapcol] [Makefile]

	 Sanitize += in	Makefiles before or  This	prevents leaking variable values from the
	 build environment.  CXXFLAGS, CFLAGS, LDFLAGS,	RUSTFLAGS will not be
	 sanitized since users might want to set optimization flags that af-
	 fect port builds in their environment.

     portedit set-version [-iu]	[-w wrapcol] version [Makefile]

	 Sets the port version.	 If the	port currently has PORTVERSION it will
	 be used again for the new version.  Otherwise it defaults to DISTVER-

	 PORTREVISION will be removed (reset to	0).  However special care is
	 taken for slave ports where PORTREVISION will not be removed and will
	 be set	to 0 explicitly	to prevent inheriting the revision from	the
	 master	port.

	 It tries to be	smart based on the format of version.

	 If version starts with	the current value of DISTVERSIONPREFIX or ends
	 with the current value	of DISTVERSIONSUFFIX, it will be trimmed ac-
	 cordingly to set DISTVERSION or PORTVERSION correctly.

	 If version is in the format as	returned by git	describe --tags,
	 DISTVERSION{PREFIX,SUFFIX} will be set	accordingly.

     portedit unknown-targets [Makefile]

	 List targets that are not known to portedit or	portclippy(1).

     portedit unknown-vars [Makefile]

	 List variables	that are not known to portedit or portclippy(1).

     portedit will exit	with one of the	following values:

     0	     Success.

     1	     An	error occurred.

     2	     There were	changes	when compared to the original file.  Only pos-
	     sible with	-D.

     Append pkgconfig to USES and delete MASTER_SITES:

	   $ printf 'USES+=pkgconfig\nMASTER_SITES!=' |	portedit merge -i Makefile

     Or	alternatively using -e:

	   $ portedit merge -i -e 'USES+=pkgconfig' -e 'MASTER_SITES!='	Makefile

     During maintainance of USES=cargo ports we	have to	regenerate
     CARGO_CRATES and related variables	based on output	of make	cargo-crates.
     We	can merge the output of	this command into our Makefile with portedit

	   $ make cargo-crates
	   CARGO_CRATES=   # ...
	   $ make cargo-crates | portedit merge	-i Makefile

     We	have to	run make cargo-crates twice since the first time the output
     might not be clean	and might contain framework messages.

     A port that is using a versioning scheme that is derived from git
     describe --tags might have

	   DISTVERSION=	   0.9.2-259
	   DISTVERSIONSUFFIX=	   -gc07c115

     To	update it we can run

	   $ portedit set-version -i v0.9.2-279-gc23f123

     The triple	will have been updated accordingly:

	   DISTVERSION=	   0.9.2-279
	   DISTVERSIONSUFFIX=	   -gc23f123

     portclippy(1), portfmt(1)

     Tobias Kortkamp <>

FreeBSD	13.0			 June 4, 2020			  FreeBSD 13.0


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