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pods::SDL::Credits(3) User Contributed Perl Documentationpods::SDL::Credits(3)

       SDL::Credits - Authors and contributors of the SDL Perl project


The SDL	Perl 2010 Development Team
   Core	Developers
       See the impact graph <>
       on our github repository.

       Also see	"AUTHORS" in SDL.

       Please contact the following individuals	regarding questions and
       problems	with SDL Perl.

	       Nick: FROGGS
	       Name: Tobias Leich

	       Nick: kthakore
	       Name: Kartik Thakore

       They can	be reached on the mailing list and the #sdl
       channel on the network.

perl v5.32.0			  2020-08-30		 pods::SDL::Credits(3)

NAME | CATEGORY | The SDL Perl 2010 Development Team

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