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PNSCAN(1)							     PNSCAN(1)

       pnscan -	multi threaded port scanning tool

       pnscan [	options]  [ <CIDR | host-range>	<port-range>]

       pnscan [	options]  [ <port>]

       This manual page	documents briefly the pnscan command.

       pnscan is a tool	that can be used to survey TCP network services.

       When  used  with	 two command line arguments it will scan the indicated
       network/hosts and ports.	When used without arguments or just  one  then
       it will read hostname/IP	addresses from stdin and probe those. The sin-
       gle port/service	argument is used as a default if no port is  indicated
       on stdin

       For  example,  it  can be used to survey	the installed versions of SSH,
       FTP, SMTP, Web, IDENT and possibly other	services.

       This program implements a multithreaded TCP port	scanner.  More	infor-
       mation	   and	    new	    relaseses	  may	  be	 found	   at:

       -h     Show summary of options.

       -v     Be verbose.

       -V     Print version.

       -d     Print internal debugging info.

       -s     Lookup and print hostnames. This will slow down the scan consid-

       -S     Enable  shutdown	mode. With this	enabled	pnscan will call shut-
	      down(2) with an argument of 1 in order  to  half-close  the  TCP
	      connection  after	any -w/-W arguments has	been transmitted.  The
	      default is to wait for the remote	party to close its  end	 first
	      (or until	enough bytes has been received).

       -l     Line  oriented  output.  This option will	cause pnscan to	try to
	      locate the beginning of a	line when a  match  (-r/-R)  has  been
	      found,  and  only	 print	up  to the last	byte/character on that

	      Request string to	send. Please  note  that  you  must  send  any
	      needed  CR/LF  characters	 as  needed  by	the protocol since the
	      string specified is sent as is (after escape characters has been

	      Response string to look for.

       -W<hex list>
	      Hex coded	request	string to send.

       -R<hex list>
	      Hex coded	response string	to look	for.

	      Max bytes	of response to print.

	      Connect/Write/Read timeout.

	      Maximum concurrent worker	threads	to start.

       nmap (1)	and ipsort (1).

       pnscan was written by Peter Eriksson <>.

       Permission  is  granted to copy,	distribute and/or modify this document
       under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version  1.1  or
       any  later  version  published by the Free Software Foundation; with no
       Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts	and no Back-Cover Texts.

				 27 March 2002			     PNSCAN(1)


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