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PNFSDSCOPYMR(8)		FreeBSD	System Manager's Manual	       PNFSDSCOPYMR(8)

     pnfsdscopymr -- copy or move a data storage file for a MDS	file to	a dif-
     ferent DS

     pnfsdscopymr [-r mounted-on-DS-dir]
		  [-m source-mounted-on-DS-dir destination-mounted-on-DS-dir]

     The pnfsdscopymr command copies a data storage file for an	MDS file from
     one DS to another DS.  It is normally used	to recover data	files onto a
     repaired DS, but can also be used to manually migrate a data storage file
     from one DS to a different	one.  By default, the command will copy	the
     data storage file for "mdsfile" to	one of the other DSs to	create a mir-
     ror of it.	 This might be done if the file	was created before mirroring
     was enabled on the	pNFS service and now needs to be mirrored.

     The following options are available:

     -r	mounted-on-DS-dir
	     This option indicates that	the data storage file should be	cre-
	     ated on the DS that is mounted on the directory
	     "mounted-on-DS-dir".  It will only	do the copy if there is	an en-
	     try in the	pnfsd.dsfile extended attribute	that has an IP address
	     of  See pnfsdsfile(1) for	how to do this.	 This is nor-
	     mally done	for all	regular	files via find(1) in order to recover
	     the data storage files onto a repaired DS.

     -m	source-mounted-on-DS-dir destination-mounted-on-DS-dir
	     This option indicates that	the data storage file is to be mi-
	     grated from the source DS mounted on the diectory
	     "source-mounted-on-DS-dir"	to the DS mounted on the directory
	     "destination-mounted-on-DS-dir".  In this case, the data storage
	     file will be removed from the source DS when the copy is com-
     If	the copy/migration is already done, the	command	will simply exit(0),
     so	that it	can safely be used on all regular files	in the exported	direc-
     tory tree on the MDS.

     This command must be run on the MDS and a typical usage would be as an
     argument for find(1) for all regular files.

     For example, if the repaired DS is	mounted	on /data3 and files previously
     stored on the repaired DS have had	the DS's IP address set	to
     # cd <top-level-exported-directory-on-the-MDS>
     # find . -type f -exec pnfsdscopymr -r /data3 {} \;

     find(1), nfsv4(4),	pnfs(4), nfsd(8), pnfsdsfile(8), pnfsdskill(8)

     The pnfsdscopymr command first appeared in	FreeBSD	12.0.

FreeBSD	13.0			 June 2, 2018			  FreeBSD 13.0


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