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PMDAEMON(1)		    General Commands Manual		   PMDAEMON(1)

       pmdaemon	- Automatically	check postings to newsgroups


       Pmdaemon	is invoked by INN as articles arrive in	particular newsgroups.
       When an article is in a newsgroup that is being	monitored,  pmcheck(1)
       is  run	to  check  the X-Auth: header for that group. An article which
       fails the check will cause a mail message to be sent to the  configured
       destination  for	 that newsgroup, and can optionally issue an automatic
       cancellation message. Messages are also checked	for  any  individual's
       authorisations,	and  if	the message fails such a check mail is sent to
       the address given on the	X-Auth:	line.

       To arrange for pmdaemon to be invoked, an entry similar to the  follow-
       ing should be added to the newsfeeds(5) file.
       PGPMoose! :!*,local,sci.crypt.research, misc.test.moderated,comp.binaries.geos, comp.os.linux.announce,comp.std.c++,comp.sources.misc	    :Tp:/home/ggr/pgpmoose/pmdaemon %s

       A configuration file, by	default	called checkedgroups, determines which
       of these	newsgroups are actually	being controlled.  Messages in	uncon-
       trolled	groups	are  nevertheless scanned for individuals' authentica-
       tions.  This configuration file must contains a sorted list  of	lines,
       each with three tab-separated fields.  The first	field is the name of a
       controlled newsgroup. The second	is a keyword specifying	the action  to
       be  taken  upon	receipt	of an article which fails the check; currently
       the supported possibilities are email and cancel	which each send	 mail,
       but one also cancels the	posting	automatically, or ignore, which	can be
       used as a placeholder if	a newsgroup is temporarily being ignored.  The
       third  field is an email	address	to which the mail notification will be

       The mail	gives the output of the	pmcheck	command, which will detail the
       reason  for  rejection  of  the article,	the full article itself, and a
       preformatted cancel message which can be	posted (after approving	it  of
       course)	to  cancel  the	 article. If the article is automatically can-
       celled, the cancellation	is approved by a special user,	whose  key  is
       distributed with	pmdaemon.

       There  are  certain  kinds  of  messages	which are ignored by pmdaemon.
       These are: all cancel messages, so that two PGP Moose daemons can never
       get  into  an  argument with each other;	control	messages, and all mes-
       sages approved  by  (tale|newgroups-request|group-admin);  mes-
       sages approved by people	entered	in the othermoderators file.

       The  othermoderators  file  lists newsgroups and	corresponding approval
       lines for groups	where some of the moderators use the  PGP  Moose,  and
       others  don't (but should...). It can also be used to allow cooperating
       groups to approve posts to each other's groups.

       Pmdaemon	keeps a	log of its  actions,  by  default  in  a  file	called
       mooselog. This must be cleaned up manually.

       The checkedgroups, mooselog and othermoderators files live in a config-
       urable directory. There is also a special keyring,  pmcancel.pgp	 which
       provides	the PGP	userid which authenticates cancel messages.

       pmapp(1), pmcheck(1)

       Greg Rose, RoSecure Software.

				   PGP Moose			   PMDAEMON(1)


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