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PMCHECK(1)		    General Commands Manual		    PMCHECK(1)

       pmcheck	- check	veracity and applicability of signatures in news arti-

       pmcheck [newsgroups|user] [file]

       Pmcheck accepts an article from the named file (or  standard  input  if
       not  specified),	and performs certain checks against digital signatures
       present in X-Auth: headers in the news articles.	There are  two	common
       modes  of  use  of pmcheck, and these are described separately for sim-
       plicity,	even though there is considerable ability to mix-and-match.

       The first use is	when a person is reading news, and sees	an article and
       wishes  to check	whether	the article is an approved posting to a	moder-
       ated newsgroup, or an approved posting  from  a	particular  individual
       user. Piping the	article	through	pmcheck	will give a list of valid sig-
       natures (or signatures which couldn't be	checked	because	 corresponding
       PGP  public  keys  were unavailable), and of course generate error mes-
       sages for invalid signatures, which indicate either forged  or  altered
       articles.  Any alteration might have been intentional, but bear in mind
       the possibility that an alteration could	have been an artifact  of  the
       news system, despite precautions	against	this.

       The  second use,	and the	reason for the existence of the	PGP Moose sys-
       tem, is when an article is automatically	checked	upon receipt by	a des-
       ignated	news  hub.  In	this  case, a moderated	newsgroup or user name
       (represented by an electronic mail address) will	be specified,  and  it
       is  considered an error if there	is no corresponding X-Auth: header, or
       if for any reason it doesn't check out. Furthermore,  there  can	 be  a
       configured  file	 which lists pairs of newsgroup/user names, and	corre-
       sponding	PGP user IDs who are allowed to	authorise such postings.  Even
       a  valid	 signature  from  an individual	who is not listed in this file
       will be considered an error. All	X-Auth:	headers	 will  be  checked  if
       their newsgroup/user name appears in the	checking file, the only	way in
       which the argument is special is	that such a header for that  newsgroup
       or  user	 must  appear.	 The intention is that any article which fails
       this authentication process will	be reported to the user	 or  newsgroup
       moderator(s),  and  might  be automatically cancelled. This is to react
       quickly to spamming attacks on moderated	newsgroups.

       Pmcheck returns an exit status of 0 if everything  is  all  right,  and
       non-zero	 otherwise.  In	particular, an exit status of 1	means that the
       article was not approved	with the PGP Moose when	it should  have	 been,
       and a status of 2 is returned for all other authentication problems.

       pmapp(1),  pmcanon(1) for a description of the fields which go into the
       signature calculation, the PGP User's Manual, the PGP Moose README file
       for an understanding of how it all hangs	together.

       Currently  pmcheck  always  allows cancel messages to pass, despite the
       fact that pmdaemon always  authenticates	 them.	The  potential	conse-
       quences	of  an	automated cancellation-war were	simply too horrible to

       Greg Rose, RoSecure Software.

				   PGP Moose			    PMCHECK(1)


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