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PMAPP(1)		    General Commands Manual		      PMAPP(1)

       pmapp - insert a	verifiable signature into a news article.

       pmapp [newsgroups|user] [file]

       Pmapp  accepts an article from the named	file (or standard input	if not
       specified), computes a digital signature	from the important part	of the
       contents,  and  inserts a special header	into the article which enables
       subsequent checking of the signature. The amended article  is  produced
       on standard output, suitable for	injection into the news	system.

       The  signature is created using the defaults for	the user name (and op-
       tionally	password) built	into the script	when a newsgroup is specified.
       This  is	 the most common case for a newsgroup moderator	who will use a
       customised version of the script. These defaults	can be overridden with
       environment variables PMUSER and	PMPASSWORD.

       In  any	case,  whenever	 the password is the empty string, a prompt is
       written to the controlling terminal and a password is read from it.

       When a user is specified	(by way	of an email address containing an "@")
       this  is	 used  to  select the signing user, and	a password will	be re-

       When the	signature is being generated for a newsgroup,  it  is  assumed
       that  the  newsgroup is moderated and the invoking user is (one of) the
       moderator(s).  The simple case is that  there  is  only	one  newsgroup
       specified;  an Approved:	line is	added as well as the X-Auth: line, and
       the article is ready for	posting.

       Pmapp goes to some trouble to handle the	 case  of  multiple  moderated
       newsgroups in the Newsgroups: line. The first, and probably most	impor-
       tant, case, is when a moderator wants to	cross-post a FAQ to their  own
       group,  as  well	 as news.answers (for example).	In this	case their ap-
       proval counts for both groups, so they can insert the Approved:	header
       and  post away. Presumably the other groups are not under the contol of
       the PGP Moose Daemon.  The moderator can	just go	ahead and put  in  the
       Approved: header, and save themself and pmapp a lot of time. It will be
       passed right through.

       The other case is harder	to get right. This is when the article	really
       is  meant to be posted to two (or more) unrelated moderated newsgroups.
       The approval script checks whether there	are any	 moderated  newsgroups
       left  that don't	have X-Auth: headers for them. If there	are none left,
       an Approved: header is inserted and the article	gets  posted.	Other-
       wise,  it  issues a warning, and	re-orders the newsgroups header	with a
       newsgroup which is moderated but	has no X-Auth:	 line  at  the	start.
       When the	article	is posted, the news system will	forward	it to the mod-
       erator of the (new) first moderated group. If all moderators are	sensi-
       ble,  and  check	 for  moderated	 newsgroups  in	this fashion, the mess
       should sort itself out and the last moderator will go  ahead  and  post
       it. A warning message to	the subsequent moderator NOT to	change the ar-
       ticle is	also inserted.

       pmcheck(1), pmcanon(1) for a description	of the fields  which  go  into
       the signature calculation, the PGP User's Manual.

       Greg Rose, RoSecure Software.

				   PGP Moose			      PMAPP(1)


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