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PLUGINVIEWER(8)		    System Manager's Manual	       PLUGINVIEWER(8)

       pluginviewer - list loadable SASL plugins and their properties

       pluginviewer   [-a]   [-s]   [-c]   [-b min=N,max=N]   [-e ssf=N,id=ID]
       [-m MECHS] [-x AUXPROP_MECH] [-f	FLAGS] [-p PATH]

       pluginviewer can	be used	by a server administrator to troubleshoot SASL
       installations.	The  utility  can  list	loadable (properly configured)
       client and server side plugins, as well as auxprop plugins.

       -a     List auxprop plugins.

       -s     List server authentication (SASL)	plugins.

       -c     List client authentication (SASL)	plugins.

       -b min=N1,max=N2
	      List client authentication (SASL)	plugins.  Strength of the SASL
	      security layer in	bits. min=N1 specifies the minumum strength to
	      use (1 =>	integrity protection). max=N2  specifies  the  maximum
	      strength	to  use.   Only	SASL mechanisms	which support security
	      layer with strength M such that N1 <= M <= N2 will be shown.

       -e ssf=N,id=ID
	      Assume that an external security layer  (e.g.  TLS)  with	 N-bit
	      strength	is  installed.	 The ID	is the authentication identity
	      used by the external security layer.

       -m MECHS
	      Limit listed SASL	plugins	to the	ones  included	in  the	 MECHS
	      (space separated)	list.

	      Limit  listed  auxprop  plugins  to  the	one listed in the AUX-
	      PROP_MECHS (space	separated) list.

       -f FLAGS
	      Set security flags. FLAGS	is a comma separated list  of  one  or
	      more  of	the  following security	flags: noplain (SASL mechanism
	      doesn't send password in the clear during	authentication), noac-
	      tive  (require  protection from active attacks), nodict (require
	      mechanisms which are secure against passive dictionary attacks),
	      forwardsec  (require  forward secrecy), passcred (require	mecha-
	      nisms that can delegate client  credentials),  maximum  (require
	      all security flags).

       -p PATH
	      Specifies	a colon-separated search path for plugins.

       rfc4422 - Simple	Authentication and Security Layer (SASL)

CMU SASL			 Apr 10, 2006		       PLUGINVIEWER(8)


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