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PLOT(3)			   Library Functions Manual		       PLOT(3)

       pl_openpl,  pl_erase,  pl_label,	 pl_line,  pl_circle, pl_arc, pl_move,
       pl_cont,	pl_point, pl_linemod, pl_space,	 pl_closepl,  pl_dot,  pl_box,
       pl_openvt, pl_closevt - plotting	interface

       #include	<plot.h>

       #include	<plotcompat.h> /* compatibility	with old libplot */

       void pl_openpl(void);

       void pl_erase(void);

       void pl_label(char *s);

       void pl_line(int	x1, int	y1, int	x2, int	y2);

       void pl_circle(int x, int y, int	r);

       void pl_arc(int x, int y, int x0, int y0, int x1, int y1);

       void pl_move(int	x, int y);

       void pl_cont(int	x, int y);

       void pl_point(int x, int	y);

       void pl_linemod(char *s);

       void pl_space(int x0, int y0, int x1, int y1);

       void pl_closepl(void);

       void pl_dot(int xi, int yi, int dx, int n, int *pat);

       void pl_box(int x0, int y0, int x1, int y1);

       void pl_openvt(void);

       void pl_closevt(void);

       These  subroutines generate graphic output in a relatively device-inde-
       pendent manner.	 See  plot(5)  for  a  description  of	their  effect.
       pl_openpl()  or	pl_openvt()  must  be used before any of the others to
       open the	device for writing.  pl_closepl() and pl_closevt() flushes the
       output, but pl_closevt()	is often used when error occurs.

       String  arguments  to  pl_label() and pl_linemod() are null-terminated,
       and do not contain newlines.

       Various flavors of these	functions exist	for different output  devices.
       They are	obtained by the	following ld(1)	options:

       -lplot device-independent   graphics  stream  on	 standard  output  for
	      plot(1) filters
	      Tektronix	4013 terminal
	      Tektronix	4014 and 4015 terminals	 with  the  Enhanced  Graphics
	      Module  (Use  -l4013  for	 4014's	or 4015's without the Enhanced
	      Graphics Module)
	      BBN bitgraph graphics terminal
	      Dumb terminals without cursor addressing or line printers
	      DEC vt125	terminals
	      Hewlett Packard 7221 graphics terminal
	      Any crt terminal capable of running vi.
	      Imagen laser printer (default 240	dots-per-inch resolution).

       On many devices,	it is necessary	to pause after	pl_erase(),  otherwise
       plotting	 commands  are	lost.	The  pause is normally done by the tty
       driver if at login time,	tset found a df	field in the termcap(5)	 entry
       for  the	 terminal.   If	 a pause is needed but not automatically being
       generated, add
       after each pl_erase().

       plot(5),	plot(1), f77plot(3), graph(1)

7th Edition			 July 31, 2018			       PLOT(3)


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