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PLOAD(1)		    General Commands Manual		      PLOAD(1)

       pload - display network interface statistics in an X window

       pload [-toolkitoption   ...]  [-minscale	 n]  [-indiv  n]  [-outdiv  n]
       [-logscale] [-jumpscroll	n] [-update n] [-in] [-out]  [-horiz]  [-nola-
       bel]  [-nochart]	 [-average n] [-device X] [-hl color] [-incolor	color]
       [-outcolor color] [-noproc] [-ncmsg message] [-iformat  fmt]  [-oformat

       The pload program displays network throughput statistics	in an X	window
       Athena stripchart graph.	 On FreeBSD, pload can handle any network  in-

       Pload  accepts  all of the standard X Toolkit command line options (see
       X(1)).  The order of the	options	in  unimportant.  Additionally,	 pload
       accepts the following options:

       -minscale n
	       The  minscale  option  sets the minimum integer number of scale
	       lines to	display.  The number of	divisions will	not  go	 below
	       the number specified.  The default is 1.

       -indiv n
	       Show   dividing	lines for a rate of n bytes per	second for re-
	       ceived data.  The default is to show a line  every  1024	 bytes
	       per second (1 k/s).

       -outdiv n
	       Show   dividing lines for a rate	of n bytes per second for sent
	       data.  The default is to	show a line every 1024 bytes per  sec-
	       ond (1 k/s).

	       The  logscale  option enables graphing the base 10 logarithm of
	       the rates. This is most useful for high bandwith	 devices  like
	       ethernet. The -indiv and	-outdiv	options	interact with this op-
	       tion: a scale line will be drawn	for 10*div, 100*div, 1000*div,
	       ... bytes. The default is to graph linearly.

       -jumpscroll n
	       This option sets	number of pixels to shift to the left when the
	       graph reaches the right edge of the window.   Smooth  scrolling
	       is achieved by the default setting of 1.

       -update n
	       The  displayed charts are updated every integer n seconds.  The
	       default is to update every 1 seconds.

       -in     Only show the chart for received	data.

       -out    Only show the chart for sent data.  Default action is  to  show
	       both charts.

       -horiz  Display side by side.  Default is to display vertically.

	       This  option  suppresses	 the normal display of the total bytes
	       and current rate	label.

	       Don't show the charts.  If -nolabel is not set, pload will only
	       show  the text labels.  If -nolabel and -nochart	are set, pload
	       won't do	anything.

       -average	n
	       Average or smooth over n	number of samples in the  calculations
	       of  the current rates for the displayed graphs.	The default is
	       to average over 10 points.  For a more  instantaneous  response
	       this can	be set to 1.

       -device X
	       Monitor this device.  The default is ppp0.

       -hl color
	       This option specifies the color of the scale lines.

       -incolor	color
	       Set  the	 foreground color for the inbound chart	to color.  The
	       default is red.

       -outcolor color
	       Set the foreground color	for the	outbound chart to color.   The
	       default is darkgreen.

       -fg color
	       Set the form foreground color to	color.

       -bg color
	       Set the background color	to color.

       -fn fontspec
	       Set the label font to fontspec.

       -noproc This option is only valid for Linux >=2.2.  It disables the de-
	       fault usage of the proc filesystem for gathering	device statis-
	       tics.   The  more portable ioctl() method is used instead. When
	       -noproc is specified only ppp stats can be read.

       -ncmsg message
	       Display message in the labels when offline. The default is  "No

       -iformat	fmt
	       Use  string  fmt	 for the inbound label.	The fmt	string will be
	       displayed literally with	the special tags %d %t %r and  %M  ex-
	       panding	to  the	interface name,	interface total, current rate,
	       and maximum rate	respectively. The default is "%t %r in".

       -oformat	fmt
	       Same as -iformat	but for	out bound data.	The default is "%t  %r

       All  of	the  options available above and more can be set using the re-
       sources of the widgets in pload.	 The following can be added to a  user
       .Xdefaults  or system wide file.  Additional customisation can
       be accomplished by examining the	running	executable with	editres(1).

	 Pload*update			  :1
	 Pload*ichart.foreground	  :red
	 Pload*ichart.jumpScroll	  :1
	 Pload*ochart.foreground	  :darkgreen
	 Pload*ochart.jumpScroll	  :1
	 Pload*topform*borderWidth	  :0
	 Pload*topform*font		  :fixed
	 Pload.geometry			  :180x200
	 Pload*showIn			  :True
	 Pload*showOut			  :True
	 Pload*device			  :ppp0
	 Pload*showLabel		  :True
	 Pload*showChart		  :True
	 Pload*averagePoints		  :10
	 Pload*inDiv			  :1024
	 Pload*outDiv			  :1024
	 Pload*logScale			  :False
	 Pload*horiz			  :False
	 Pload*useProc			  :True
	 Pload*noConnectMsg		  :No Connection
	 Pload*inFormat			  :%t %r in
	 Pload*outFormat		  :%t %r out

       pppstats(8), xload(1), X(1), editres(1)

       Resizing	doesn't	work right under icewm	and  kwm  with	opaque	resize
       turned on.  The labels flash. Totals seem to wrap at ULONG_MAX.

       Copyright (C) 1999,2000 Matt Smith

       Pload  was  written by Matt Smith <>	with ideas and
       help from Christian Bauer, Scott	Berg, David Brownlee, Mathieu Clabaut,
       Todd Larason, and Roland	Smith.

January	2000							      PLOAD(1)


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