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playd(1)		  BSD General Commands Manual		      playd(1)

     playd -- Simple to	use mplayer wrapper script written in sh

     playd [append] [commands |	files |	directories | streams]

     playd is a	simple mplayer wrapper script written in pure /bin/sh.	With
     playd you don't need mplayer GUI, to listen to music, watch videos,
     stream video/audio.  playd	stores its playlist is simple plain text
     files, containing file names with absolute	path.  playd automatically
     creates playlist if necessary.  It	is easy	to integrate playd in various
     window managers (i.e. fvwm2, fluxbox), scripts etc.

     playd is designed K.I.S.S.

     +o	 Goal is to be small, fast and very easy to use.

     +o	 The goal is not to be as foolproof as possible.

     Commands can be mixed almost in any order.	There's	only one limit:	append
     must be 1st argument, if specified.

     again   Play current song again.

     append  Append items to default playlist. Must be first argument on com-
	     mand line if used.

     audio-delay value [absolute]
	     Adjust audio delay	in seconds (relative by	default). If absolute
	     (or alias abs ) is	set, then audio	delay will be set exactly to
	     value in seconds.

     brightness	value [absolute]
	     Adjust brightness by value	(relative by default).	If absolute
	     (or alias abs ) key is specified, brightness will be set to abso-
	     lute value. Value can be in range -100 to 100.

     cat     This will cat playlist (similar to	list )

     cd	[track]
	     Play audio	CD. (Can't append to playlist)

	     Cat favourite song	list

	     Alias: catfav

     cmd 'mplayer command'
	     Send command to mplayer slave directly. If	command	contains spa-
	     ces, it should be quoted.

	     Mplayer slave mode	protocol:

     contrast value [absolute]
	     Adjust contrast by	value (relative	by default).  If absolute (or
	     alias abs ) key is	specified, contrast will be set	to absolute
	     value. Value can be in range -100 to 100.

     dvd [track]
	     Play video	DVD. (Can't append to playlist)

     clean   Clean current playlist (remove files that doesn't exist)

	     Clean favourite playlist (remove files that doesn't exist)

	     Alias: cleanfav

     edit    Edit current playlist (calls $EDITOR or vi)

	     Edit favourite playlist (calls $EDITOR or vi)

	     Alias: editfav

	     Add current song to favourites

	     Alias: fav

     file file | directory
	     Play file or directory. This option is handy if you have file
	     name that match one of playd commands

	     Display current file name (with full path)	that mplayer is	play-

     gamma value [absolute]
	     Adjust gamma by value (relative by	default). If absolute absolute
	     (or alias abs ) key is specified, gamma will be set to absolute
	     value. Value can be in range -100 to 100.

     grep patter
	     grep playlist. This is equivalent to
		   playd cat | egrep -i	pattern

     hue value [absolute]
	     Adjust hue	by value (relative by default).	 If absolute (or alias
	     abs ) key is specified, hue will be set to	absolute value.	Value
	     can be in range -100 to 100.

     info    Show metadata of current song.

     jump song_id | random
	     Jump to song_id or	random (alias rnd ) position in	playlist

     lgrep patter
	     grep playlist. This is equivalent to
		   playd lcat |	egrep -i pattern

     list    Show default playlist.

	     List favourite songs

	     Alias: lsfav

     ls	     Show short	list

	     This will cat playlist (similar to	longlist

	     Alias: lcat )

	     Show default playlist. Each item is displayed with	full path.

	     Alias: llist

     loop count	| random
	     Loop current song count times. If no argument, given, then	don't

     mute    Mute mplayer slave.

     next    Play next playlist	item.

     nocheck file
	     There are some files that are reported as application/octet-
	     stream. These can be various types, even text files. If you can't
	     load some files, you can try to use this option. It won't check
	     for file type and extension. This can be very useful for disk im-
	     ages. Note, that you need to set nocheck for every	file you want
	     playd to skip filetype checks.

     pause   Pause mplayer slave.

     play item1	[item2]	...
	     Play items	from default playlist.

	     Load favourite songs to playlist, randomize, and play.

	     Alias: playfav

	     Play default playlist. Mplayer slave will be automatically
	     started if	necessary.

	     Play previous playlist item.

	     Alias: prev

	     This will randomise playlist, but won't start playing it...
	     you'll need to run	playd playlist to load new playlist.

	     Alias: rnd

     restart [novid]
	     Sometimes playd doesn't listen to your commands. Actually playd
	     does listen, while	mplayer	doesn't. So if you don't get expected
	     behaviour from playd , please run playd restart and check if ev-
	     erything works. Only send bug report if same problem appears af-
	     ter restart. If novid is set, mplayer will	only output sound.

     rmlist  Remove default playlist.

	     Save playd	position in playlist (works well only with playlists,
	     that contain unique files).  Note that playd will save current
	     state every time you call playd.  Also playd will save state when
	     you exit playd with stop command

	     Alias: save

     saturation	value [absolute]
	     Adjust saturation by value	(relative by default).	If absolute
	     (or alias abs ) key is specified, saturation will be set to abso-
	     lute value.  Value	can be in range	-100 to	100.

     seek value	[absolute | percent]
	     Seek current file to value. If absolute (or alias abs ) is	speci-
	     fied, seek	to absolute value in seconds. If percent is specified,
	     seek to value percent. By default mplayer slave will seek rela-
	     tive in seconds. You many use modifiers (multipliers) to enter
	     value...  such as y, M, w,	d, h, m, s [years, Months, weeks,
	     days, hours, minutes, seconds] (in	order mentioned)

	     For example: playd	seek -1m30s

     sort [reverse]
	     Sort or reverse sort playlist (only unique	items will remain).

     start [novid]
	     Start mplayer slave and if	previous playlist position was saved,
	     start playing from	it. If playlist	position wasn't	saved, but
	     playlist is available playd will start playing playlist from the
	     start. If novid is	set, mplayer will only output sound.

     status  Check if mplayer is started in slave mode.

     subtitles file
	     Load subtitles. This option doesn't check for filetype.

     stop    Stop mplayer slave.

	     Cycle through the available audio tracks. (for DVD)

	     Alias: sw-audio

	     Cycle through the available subtitle tracks. (for DVD)

	     Alias: sw-subs

     volume value [absolute]
	     Adjust volume by value (relative by default). If absolute (or
	     alias abs ) key is	specified, volume will be set to absolute
	     value. Value can be 0 - 100

	     NOTE: on FreeBSD mplayer will reset volume	after you seek in
	     file. To avoid this you should set	hw.snd.vpc_autoreset=0 in your
	     /etc/sysctl.conf under FreeBSD

	     Alias: vol

     file | directory |	stream | playlist
	     play file,	directory, stream or playlist. Mplayer will be auto-
	     matically started in slave	mode, if necessary.

     PLAYD_MPLAYER_USER_OPTIONS	controls custom	command	line options passed to
     mplayer, when it's	started.

     XDG_CONFIG_HOME makes playd keep all necessary files in this directory.
     By	default	~/.config/ will	be used

     The playd utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an	error occurs.

     Play all media files in /my/music directory.  playd will be started auto-

	   playd /my/music

     While playd is playing files you want to append two more files to

	   playd --append /my/other/music/1.mp3	/music/3.mp3

     You like few songs	a lot, and you'd like to know their playlist ID

	   playd list

     Once you figured you know song IDs, you can play them by simply running

	   playd play 1	3 5

     So	you figured, that you want to listen to	some Latvian radio


     Enough is enough... Turn off the player

	   playd stop

     *.3gp, *.ac3, *.acc, *.aif, *.aifc, *.aiff, *.ape,	*.avi, *.divx, *.dvx,
     *.flac, *.flv, *.m2ts, *.m4a, *.m4b, *.m4p, *.m4r,	*.mka, *.mkv, *.mov,
     *.mp1, *.mp2, *.mp3, *.mp4, *.mpa,	*.mpf, *.mpg, *.mpga, *.oga, *.ogg,
     *.ogm, *.ogv, *.ogx, *.ts,	*.vob, *.wav, *.wma, *.wmv, *.wv

     Basically everything supported by mplayer should be supported by playd.
     But since I had to	figure out file	extensions myself, if some extensions
     are missing, please send a	bug report to

     As	of V1.7.10 playd has basic support for fallowing playlist file for-

     *.asx, *.m3u, *.m3u8, *.pls, *.plst, *.qtl, *.ram,	*.wax, *.wpl, *.xspf

     NOTE: plst	is simple file,	with filenames/links (one per line). Some-
     times, when you want to create sample playlist for	Internet steams, for
     example, it is very handy to put URLs in plst.  Very simple and fast :)

     Playd git source repository:

     mplayer(1), sh(1)

     Aldis Berjoza <>

     Guys at DutchDaemon, blah, john_doe, eye

BSD				August 31, 2011				   BSD


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