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       phcon - mbk physical connector

       The phcon structure is used to describe a connector belonging to	a sym-
       bolic layout model, see phfig(3)	for details. A	strong	convention  on
       the  mbk	data structure is that two connector internally	wired have the
       same name, the 'logical'	name.

       The declarations	needed to work on phcon	are available  in  the	header
       file "/labo/include/mph402.h", where '402' is the actual	mbk version.

       The following C structure supports the description of the connector :
	      typedef struct phcon {
		 struct	phcon	  *NEXT;
		 char		  *NAME;
		 long		  INDEX;
		 long		  XCON,	YCON;
		 long		  WIDTH;
		 char		  ORIENT;
		 char		  LAYER;
		 struct	ptype	  *USER;
	      }	phcon_list;

       NEXT		   Pointer to the next connector of the	model.

       NAME		   Name	 of  the  connector. A model may posseses more
			   than	one connector with a given name, if  they  are
			   internally wired.

       INDEX		   Index of the	connector. Since a model may have many
			   connectors with the same name, it is	needed	to  be
			   able	 to point out one of them. The index allows to
			   distinguish every connector using a topological or-
			   der.	This field is filled by	the addphcon function,
			   and shall not be modified otherwise.

       XCON, YCON	   Connector coordinates. the point (XCON, YCON)  must
			   be  placed  on or inside of the abutment box	of the

       ORIENT		   Caracter indicating the face	of the	model  on  the
			   which  the  connector  is placed.  It may take four
			   values :

			   NORTH	       connector placed	on top of cell

			   SOUTH	       connector placed	on  bottom  of

			   EAST		       connector  placed  on  right of

			   WEST		       connector  placed  on  left  of

       LAYER		   Symbolic  layer  used  for the connector. The legal
			   values are :

			   NWELL	       N bulk

			   PWELL	       P bulk

			   NTIE		       N implant in P bulk

			   PTIE		       P implant in N bulk

			   NDIF		       N diffusion

			   PDIF		       P diffusion

			   NTRANS	       N transistor

			   PTRANS	       P transistor

			   POLY		       polysilicium

			   ALU1		       first metal

			   ALU2		       second metal

			   ALU3		       third metal

			   TPOLY	       polysilicum through route

			   TALU1	       first metal through route

			   TALU2	       second metal through route

			   TALU3	       third metal through route

       WIDTH		   Width of the	 connector.  The  physical  extension,
			   concerning the width, of a connector	is paralell to
			   its face.

       USER		   Pointer to a	ptype list,  see  ptype	 for  details,
			   that	is a general purpose pointer used to share in-
			   formations on the connector.

       mbk(1), addphcon(3), getphcon(3), delphcon(3), phfig(3),	phref(3),  lo-
       con(3), ptype(3).

ASIM/LIP6			October	1, 1997			      PHCON(3)


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