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pgmtoy4m(1)		      MJPEG tools manual		   pgmtoy4m(1)

       pgmtoy4m	- Convert mpeg2dec pgm and pgmpipe output to YUV4MPEG2

       pgmtoy4m	[options]

       pgmtoy4m	 repacks  the  PGM output from mpeg2dec	into YUV4MPEG2 4:2:0p.
       No actual changes to the	data are made.	The data is unpacked from  the
       quasi-PGM format	and placed in YUV4MPEG2	format with the	specified sam-
       ple aspect, frame rate and field	order.	Output must  be	 either	 to  a
       pipe  or	 a file, leaving stdout	as a terminal will elicit an error and
       the program will	exit.

       pgmtoy4m	accepts	the following options:

       -v num
	    Set	verbosity level.  (default: 0)

       -h   Print a usage summary and exit.

       -i t|b|p
	    Set	the interlacing	mode.  Top field first (t), bottom field first
	    (b)	or progressive/none (p).  (default: t)

       -a sar
	    Set	the sample aspect ratio.  (default: 10:11)

       -r frame	rate
	    Set	the frame rate.	 (default: 30000:1001)

       mpeg2dec	-s -o pgmpipe file.mpg | pgmtoy4m -a 10:11 -r 24000:1001 -i b |	yuvplay

       mpeg2dec	-s -o pgm file.mpg
       cat *.pgm | pgmtoy4m -r 30000:1001 -i t | yuvplay

       This  program  is  specifically	designed  to  work  with the output of
       mpeg2dec	and is NOT a general PGM (NetPBM) tool!

       From the	introduction in	the source file:

	* Note:	mpeg2dec uses a	variation of the PGM format - they're really not
	* "Grey	Maps" but rather a catenation of the 420P data (commonly called
	* "YUV").    The type is P5 ("raw") and	the number of rows is really
	* the total of the Y', Cb and Cr heights.   The	Cb and Cr data is "joined"
	* together.  After the Y' rows you have	1 row of Cb and	1 row of Cr per
	* "row"	of PGM data.

	* NOTE:	You MAY	need to	know the field order (top/bottom field first),
	*      sample aspect ratio and frame rate because the PGM format makes
	*      none of that information	available!

       This manpage was	written	by Steven Schultz (sms at 2bsd dot com).

       Possible	but none known at the present time.

y4mutils		       16 December 2003			   pgmtoy4m(1)


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