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PGMTORLE(1)		    General Commands Manual		   PGMTORLE(1)

       pgmtorle	- convert a pbmplus/pgm	image file into	an RLE image file.

       pgmtorle	[ -h ] [ -v ] [	-a ] [ -o outfile ] [ filename ]

       This  program  converts	PBMPLUS	 grayscale (pgm) image files into Utah
       RLE(5) image files.  PBMPLUS/pgm	image files contain the	 image	dimen-
       sions and 8-bit pixels with no matte or alpha data.  When converting to
       an RLE file, the	alpha channel may optionally  be  computed.   The  RLE
       file  will  contain a "grayscale" image (8 bits)	with no	colormap.  The
       origins of PBMPLUS and Utah RLE files are in the	upper left  and	 lower
       left  corners  respectively,  so	this program automatically "flips" the
       image.  These RLE files may then	be viewed using	any RLE	image viewer.

       -v     This option will cause pgmtorle to operate in verbose mode.  The
	      header  information  is written to "stderr".  Actually, there is
	      not much header information stored in a PBMPLUS file so this in-
	      formation	is minimal.

       -h     This  option allows the header of	the PBMPLUS image to be	dumped
	      to "stderr" without converting the file.	It  is	equivalent  to
	      using the	-v option except that no file conversion takes place.

       -a     This  option  will  cause	 pgmtorle to use the grayscale data to
	      compute an alpha channel in the resulting	 RLE  file.   For  any
	      non-zero	grayscale data,	the alpha channel will contain a value
	      of 255.  The resulting RLE image file  will  contain  one	 color
	      channel and one alpha channel.

       -o outfile
	      If  specified, the output	will be	written	to this	file.  If out-
	      file is "-", or if it is not specified, the output will be writ-
	      ten to the standard output stream.

	      The  name	 of the	PBMPLUS	image data file	to be converted.  This
	      file must	end in ".pgm".	However, it is not necessary to	supply
	      the ".pgm" extension as it will be added to the supplied name if
	      not already there.

       pgmtorle	-v test.pgm -o test.rle
	      While running in verbose mode, convert test.pgm  to  RLE	format
	      and store	resulting data in test.rle.

       pgmtorle	-h test
	      Dump the header information of the PBMPLUS file called test.pgm.

       ppmtorle(1), rletoppm(1), urt(1), RLE(5).

       Wesley C. Barris
       Army High Performance Computing Research	Center (AHPCRC)
       Minnesota Supercomputer Center, Inc.

1				 July 20, 1990			   PGMTORLE(1)


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