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pfsinexr(1)		    General Commands Manual		   pfsinexr(1)

       pfsinexr	- Load images or frames	in OpenEXR format

       pfsinexr	 [--keep-rgb]  (<file>	[--frames  <range>]  [--skip-missing])

       Use this	command	to read	frames in OpenEXR format. The frames are  con-
       verted  to pfs stream and send to the standard output. This command can
       read arbitrary channels from OpenEXR files; color channels XYZ are how-
       ever specially handled (see option keep-rgb).

       pfsinexr	 reads	also all string	attributes from	OpenEXR	file and write
       them as tags in pfs stream. Attributes of other types are  ignored.  If
       attribute  name	contains a colon (:), the part before colon is treated
       as a channel name and the attribute is assigned to that channel	(simi-
       lar notation as command line argument of	pfstag program).

       pfsinexr	 recognizes OpenEXR standard attribute WhiteLuminance and mul-
       tiplies the data	by that	value to get absolute  luminance  values  (see
       also --fix-halfmax switch in pfsoutexr).	Additionally the tag LUMINANCE
       is set to ABSOLUTE unless OpenEXR files	contains  attribute  LUMINANCE
       set  to	semething else.	That is	the channel Y is assumued to represent
       absolute	luminance levels in cd/m^2.

       If an OpenEXR file contains 'Z' channel,	it is renamed  to  'DEPTH'  to
       avoid conflict with the Z color channel for the XYZ color space.

       Details	on  the	 format	 of the	pattern	file names, which are used for
       reading multiple	frames,	can be found in	the manual page	of pfsinppm.

       To automatically	recognize a file format	from the extension, use	 pfsin
       command instead.

	      By  default,  color channels R, G	and B from an OpenEXR file are
	      converted	to XYZ color space,  which  is	suggested  format  for
	      color  data  in  pfs.  When  keep-rgb option is specified, color
	      channels RGB are stored as they are without any conversion.

	pfsin memorial.exr | pfsout memorial.hdr

	      Converts from one	HDR format to another

       pfsinexr	and pfsoutexr can not take stdin / stdout as  an  input/output
       (dash '-' instead of file name).

       Please  report  bugs  and  comments on implementation to	the discussion

       pfsin(1)	pfsinppm(1) pfsoutexr(1)



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