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PERSONALITY(8)		FreeBSD	System Manager's Manual		PERSONALITY(8)

     personality -- system configuration management utility

     personality [options ...]

     This script provides functionality	for manipulating collections of	con-
     figuration	files which can	be organised so	as to alter the	personality of
     a system.

     Initially,	the base personality is	established. This personality contains
     the reference copies of configuration files, and is used when creating
     new personalities.	 The files which are currently considered part of the
     system's personality are those contained in the base personality.

     A new personality is established by making	a copy of the base personality
     under a new name. Each personality	maintains a separate copy of all con-
     figuration	files under /etc/personality.

     To	install	a new personality, the files currently in place	are saved back
     to	the current personality	as indicated in	/etc/personality/current, and
     the files for the new personality copied into place.

     The select	and menu commands which	perform	these installations are	imple-
     mented in such a fashion as to only require the tools available on	the
     root filesystem, so that they may be invoked at the earliest stage	during
     system startup.

     If	the current personality	has become damaged, it can be restored from
     the saved copy.

     Files can be added	to and removed from the	personality set. When a	new
     file is added, it is copied from the current system into all personali-
     ties and added to the list	file. When a file is removed the current ver-
     sion is kept in place, but	all copies are removed from saved personali-
     ties and the file is removed from the list.

     /etc/personality	       configuration base
     /etc/personality/_base    system files under management of	personality
     /etc/personality/current  backup location of current files	before new
			       personality is copied into place


     Currently none.

     The personality script has	been written 1997 by Mike Smith	<msmith@Free->.	The personality	manual page has	been written by	Andreas	Klemm

FreeBSD	13.0			March 25, 2001			  FreeBSD 13.0


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