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PDFTOHTML(1)		    General Commands Manual		  PDFTOHTML(1)

       pdftohtml - program to convert PDF files	into HTML, XML and PNG images

       pdftohtml [options] _PDF-file_ [_HTML-file_ _XML-file_]

       This  manual page documents briefly the pdftohtml command.  This	manual
       page was	written	for the	 Debian	 GNU/Linux  distribution  because  the
       original	program	does not have a	manual page.

       pdftohtml is a program that converts PDF	documents into HTML. It	gener-
       ates its	output in the current working directory.  If PDF-file is  '-',
       it reads	the PDF	file from stdin.

       A summary of options are	included below.

       -h, -help
	      Show summary of options.

       -f <int>
	      first page to print

       -l <int>
	      last page	to print

       -q     do not print any messages	or errors

       -v     print copyright and version info

       -p     exchange .pdf links with .html

       -c     generate complex output

       -s     generate single HTML that	includes all pages

	      use  data	 URLs instead of external images in HTML. No available
	      in all platforms

       -i     ignore images

	      generate no frames. Not supported	in complex output mode.

	      use standard output

       -zoom <fp>
	      zoom the PDF document (default 1.5)

       -xml   output for XML post-processing

	      do not round coordinates (with XML output	only)

       -enc <string>
	      output text encoding name

       -opw <string>
	      owner password (for encrypted files)

       -upw <string>
	      user password (for encrypted files)

	      force hidden text	extraction

       -fmt   image file format	for Splash output (png or jpg).	 If complex is
	      selected,	but -fmt is not	specified, -fmt	png will be assumed

	      do not merge paragraphs

       -nodrm override document	DRM settings

       -wbt <fp>
	      adjust  the  word	 break threshold percent. Default is 10.  Word
	      break occurs when	distance between two  adjacent	characters  is
	      greater than this	percent	of character height.

	      outputs the font name without any	substitutions.

       Pdftohtml  was developed	by Gueorgui Ovtcharov and Rainer Dorsch. It is
       based and benefits a lot	from Derek Noonburg's xpdf package.

       This manual  page  was  written	by  SA,ren  Boll  Overgaard  <boll@de->, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

       pdfdetach(1),  pdffonts(1),  pdfimages(1),  pdfinfo(1),	pdftocairo(1),
       pdftoppm(1), pdftops(1),	pdftotext(1) pdfseparate(1), pdfsig(1),	 pdfu-



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