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pdfsig(1)		    General Commands Manual		     pdfsig(1)

       pdfsig -	Portable Document Format (PDF) digital signatures tool

       pdfsig [options]	[PDF-file] [Output-file]

       pdfsig verifies the digital signatures in a PDF document.  It also dis-
       plays the identity of each signer (commonName field  and	 full  distin-
       guished	name of	the signer certificate), the time and date of the sig-
       nature, the hash	algorithm used for signing, the	type of	the  signature
       as  stated in the PDF and the signed ranges with	a statement wether the
       total document is signed.  Moreover, with option	-sign it  can  sign  a
       PDF document.

       The  signer certificate validation uses the trusted certificates	stored
       in the Network Security Services	(NSS) Database.	The  NSS  Database  is
       searched	for in the following locations:

       o      If  the  -nssdir option is specified, the	directory specified by
	      this option.

       o      The NSS Certificate database in  the  default  Firefox  profile.
	      i.e. $HOME/.mozilla/firefox/*.default.

       o      The NSS Certificate database in /etc/pki/nssdb.

       -nssdir [prefix]directory
	      Specify  the  database  directory	containing the certificate and
	      key database files. See certutil(1) -d option for	details	of the
	      prefix. If not specified the other search	locations described in
	      DESCRIPTION are used.

	      Do not validate the certificate.

       -dump  Dump all signatures into current directory.

       -sign  number
	      Sign the document	in the signature field with the	given number.

       -nick  nickname
	      Use the certificate with the given nickname for signing.

       -kpw  password
	      Use the given password for the signing key (this might be	 miss-
	      ing if the key isn't password protected).

       -digest	algorithm
	      Use the given digest algorithm for signing (default: SHA256).

       -reason	reason
	      Set  the given reason string for the signature (default: no rea-
	      son set).

       -etsi  Create  a	 signature  of	type  ETSI.CAdES.detached  instead  of

       -v     Print copyright and version information.

       -h     Print usage information.	(-help and --help are equivalent.)

       The  pdfsig  software and documentation are copyright 1996-2004 Glyph &
       Cog, LLC	and copyright 2005-2015	The Poppler Developers	-  http://pop-

       pdfdetach(1),  pdffonts(1),  pdfimages(1),  pdfinfo(1),	pdftocairo(1),
       pdftohtml(1),  pdftoppm(1),  pdftops(1),	 pdftotext(1)  pdfseparate(1),
       pdfunite(1) certutil(1)

				28 October 2015			     pdfsig(1)


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