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PCRE2_PATTERN_CONVERT(3)   Library Functions Manual   PCRE2_PATTERN_CONVERT(3)

       PCRE2 - Perl-compatible regular expressions (revised API)


       #include	<pcre2.h>

       int pcre2_pattern_convert(PCRE2_SPTR pattern, PCRE2_SIZE	length,
	 uint32_t options, PCRE2_UCHAR **buffer,
	 PCRE2_SIZE *blength, pcre2_convert_context *cvcontext);


       This  function  is  part	 of  an	experimental set of pattern conversion
       functions.  It converts a foreign pattern (for example, a glob) into  a
       PCRE2 regular expression	pattern. Its arguments are:

	 pattern     The foreign pattern
	 length	     The length	of the input pattern or	PCRE2_ZERO_TERMINATED
	 options     Option bits
	 buffer	     Pointer to	pointer	to output buffer, or NULL
	 blength     Pointer to	output length field
	 cvcontext   Pointer to	a convert context or NULL

       The length of the converted pattern (excluding the terminating zero) is
       returned	via blength. If	buffer is NULL,	the function just returns  the
       output  length.	If buffer points to a NULL pointer, heap memory	is ob-
       tained for the converted	pattern, using the allocator in	the context if
       present	(or  else malloc()), and the field pointed to by buffer	is up-
       dated. If buffer	points to a non-NULL field, that must point to a  buf-
       fer  whose size is in the variable pointed to by	blength. This value is

       The option bits are:

	 PCRE2_CONVERT_UTF		       Input is	UTF
	 PCRE2_CONVERT_NO_UTF_CHECK	       Do not check UTF	validity
	 PCRE2_CONVERT_POSIX_BASIC	       Convert POSIX basic pattern
	 PCRE2_CONVERT_POSIX_EXTENDED	       Convert POSIX extended pattern
	 PCRE2_CONVERT_GLOB		       ) Convert
	 PCRE2_CONVERT_GLOB_NO_STARSTAR	       )     of	glob

       The return value	from pcre2_pattern_convert() is	zero on	success	 or  a
       non-zero	PCRE2 error code.

       The pattern conversion functions	are described in the pcre2convert doc-

PCRE2 10.30			 11 July 2017	      PCRE2_PATTERN_CONVERT(3)


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