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PCPUSTAT(1)		  BSD General Commands Manual		   PCPUSTAT(1)

     pcpustat -- per-CPU usage statistics

     pcpustat [-ahinqstux] [-c count] [-d delimiter] [-p cpu] [-w wait]

     The pcpustat utility provides per-CPU usage statistics.  This information
     is	computed using the same	algorithm as in	top(1) with the	-P option, but
     the output	format is more similar to that of iostat(8) so that it can be
     piped and reformatted.

     -a, -all
	     Include all usage statistics (same	as -instu).  This is the de-
	     fault if no specific statistics are selected.

     -c, -count	count
	     Sample statistics the specified number of times.  If not speci-
	     fied, it defaults to 1 if -w is not specified, otherwise forever.

     -d, -delim	delimiter
	     Delimit columns with delimiter instead of justifying them with

     -h, -help
	     Print the list of options and exit.

     -i, -idle
	     Include idle time in the statistics.

     -n, -nice
	     Include nice time in the statistics.

     -p, -cpu cpu
	     Select processor cpu [0-n].  You may repeat the switch to select
	     more than one CPU.	 The default is	to include all CPUs.

     -q, -quiet
	     Print no header, only the data.

     -s, -system
	     Include system time in the	statistics.

     -t, -interrupt
	     Include interrupt time in the statistics.

     -u, -user
	     Include user time in the statistics.

     -w, -wait wait
	     Pause the specified number	of seconds between updates.  The de-
	     fault is 1.

     -x, -not
	     Report the	percentage of time not in each state.  If specified,
	     each percentage is	subtracted from	100.  The header (unless the
	     -q	option is selected) displays a "!" before each heading.

     If	the [-q] option	is not specified, the first two	lines of output	will
     contain a header.

     The first line lists the CPUs, by number.	If the options specify only
     one column	of information per CPU,	then this line will only contain the
     CPU numbers (starting with	0), otherwise it will contain the string "cpu
     " followed	by the number.	This heading will be right-justified over the
     columns that apply	to that	CPU, unless the	[-d] option is specified (in
     which case	the headers are	also delimited).

     The second	header line labels the columns within the output for each CPU.
     These labels can be any of	the following:

     us	     % of cpu time in user mode
     ni	     % of cpu time in user mode	running	niced processes
     sy	     % of cpu time in system mode
     in	     % of cpu time in interrupt	mode
     id	     % of cpu time in idle mode

     If	the [-x] option	was specified, then each of the	above is prefixed by

     The remaining lines of output will	be the percentage of time each CPU
     spent in each of the designated states since the previous line (or	since
     pcpustat started, in the case of the first	line).

     If	the [-d] option	is specified, then the string specified	as its argu-
     ment will occur between each column.  Otherwise, enough spaces will be
     used to right-align each column under its heading.

     top(1), iostat(8),	sysctl(3), sysctl(8)

     Sterling (Chip) Camden <>


     The pcpustat utility can only report on CPUs 0-n, where n is one less
     than the number of	bits in	a long.

BSD			      September	26, 2010			   BSD


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