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pcmmix(1)			    hxtools			     pcmmix(1)

       pcmmix -- PCM mixer

       pcmmix [-ap] [-t	p/q] file...

       pcmmix  will mix	two or more input streams (assumed to be LE16 PCM, and
       of the same number of channels).	It can do so in	either arpeggiated  or
       polyphonic mode.

       -a Select arpeggio mode.

       -p Select polyphony mode.

       -r rate Input sample rate (default: 48000).

       -t  p/q Defines the length of one arpeggio block	in which data from all
       input sources will be round-robined within, as p/q  seconds.  (default:

       o   Entertainer	from FOG: `pcmmix -t 160/1086 <(bsvplay	--pianoman en-
	   trtan1.mus) <(bsvplay --pianoman entrtan2.mus) <(bsvplay --pianoman
	   entrtan3.mus)  <(bsvplay  --pianoman	 entrtan4.mus)	|  aplay  -fcd
	   -r48000 -c1`

       o   IHOLD from FOG: `pcmmix -t 80/1086 <(bsvplay	--pianoman ihold1.mus)
	   <(bsvplay  --pianoman  ihold2.mus) <(bsvplay	--pianoman ihold3.mus)
	   <(bsvplay --pianoman	ihold4.mus) | aplay -fcd -r48000 -c1`

See also
       aplay(1), bsvplay(1), hxtools(7), qplay(1)

hxtools				  2020-07-11			     pcmmix(1)

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