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pbsnodes(8B)			      PBS			  pbsnodes(8B)

       pbsnodes	- pbs node manipulation

       pbsnodes	[-{a|x}] [-q] [-s server] [node|:property]
       pbsnodes	-l [-q]	[-s server] [state] [nodename|:property	...]
       pbsnodes	 [-{c|d|o|r}]  [-q]  [-s server] [-n] [-N "note"] [node|:prop-

       The pbsnodes command is used to mark nodes down,	free or	 offline.   It
       can  also  be  used to list nodes and their state.  Node	information is
       obtained	by sending a request to	the PBS	job server.  Sets of nodes can
       be  operated  on	 at  once  by specifying a node	property prefixed by a
       Nodes do	not exist in a single  state,  but  actually  have  a  set  of
       states.	 For  example,	a  node	can be simultaneously "busy" and "off-
       line".  The "free" state	is the absence of all other states and	so  is
       never combined with other states.

       In  order to execute pbsnodes with other	than the -a or -l options, the
       user must have PBS Manager or Operator privilege.

       -a	      All attributes of	a node or all nodes are	listed.	  This
		      is the default if	no flag	is given.

       -x	      Same as -a, but the output has an	XML-like format.

       -c	      Clear OFFLINE from listed	nodes.

       -d	      Print MOM	diagnosis on the listed	nodes.	Not yet	imple-
		      mented.  Use momctl instead.

       -o	      Add the OFFLINE state.  This  is	different  from	 being
		      marked  DOWN.  OFFLINE prevents new jobs from running on
		      the specified nodes.  This  gives	 the  administrator  a
		      tool to hold a node out of service without changing any-
		      thing else.  The OFFLINE state  will  never  be  set  or
		      cleared  automatically  by  pbs_server; it is purely for
		      the manager or operator.

       -p	      Purge the	node record from pbs_server.  Not  yet	imple-

       -r	      Reset  the  listed  nodes	by clearing OFFLINE and	adding
		      DOWN state.  pbs_server will ping	the node and, if  they
		      communicate correctly, free the node.

       -l	      List  node names and their state.	 If no state is	speci-
		      fied, only nodes in the DOWN, OFFLINE, or	UNKNOWN	states
		      are listed.  Specifying a	state string acts as an	output
		      filter.  Valid  state  strings  are  "free",  "offline",
		      "down",	"reserve",   "job-exclusive",	"job-sharing",
		      "busy", "time-shared", or	"state-unknown".

       -N	      Specify a	"note" attribute.  This	allows an  administra-
		      tor  to add an arbitrary annotation to the listed	nodes.
		      To clear a note, use -N "" or -N n.

       -n	      Show the "note" attribute	for nodes that are DOWN,  OFF-
		      LINE, or UNKNOWN.	 This option requires -l.

       -q	      Supress all error	messages.

       -s	      Specify the PBS server's hostname	or IP address.

       pbs_server(8B) and the PBS External Reference Specification

Local								  pbsnodes(8B)


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