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pbs_statserver(3B)		      PBS		    pbs_statserver(3B)

       pbs_statserver -	obtain status of a pbs batch server

       #include	<pbs_error.h>
       #include	<pbs_ifl.h>

       struct batch_status *pbs_statserver(int/	connect, struct/ attrl/	*attrib,
       char/ *extend)

       void pbs_statfree(struct	batch_status *psj)

       Issue a batch request to	obtain the status of a batch server.

       A  Status Server	batch request is generated and sent to the server over
       the connection specified	by  connect  which  is	the  return  value  of

       The  parameter, attrib, is a pointer to an attrl	structure which	is de-
       fined in	pbs_ifl.h as:

	   struct attrl	{
	       struct attrl *next;
	       char	    *name;
	       char	    *resource;
	       char	    *value;

       The attrib list is terminated by	the first entry	where next is  a  null
       pointer.	  If attrib is given, then only	the attributes in the list are
       returned	by the server.	Otherwise, all the attributes  of  the	server
       are  returned.	When an	attrib list is specified, the name member is a
       pointer to a attribute name as  listed  in  pbs_alter(3)	 and  pbs_sub-
       mit(3).	The resource member is only used if the	name member is ATTR_l,
       otherwise it should be a	pointer	to a null string.   The	 value	member
       should aways be a pointer to a null string.

       The  parameter,	extend,	 is reserved for implementation	defined	exten-

       The return value	is a pointer to	a  list	 of  batch_status  structures,
       which is	defined	in pbs_ifl.h as:

	   struct batch_status {
	       struct batch_status *next;
	       char		   *name;
	       struct attrl	   *attribs;
	       char		   *text;

       It  is  up the user to free the space when no longer needed, by calling

       qstat(1B) and pbs_connect(3B)

       When the	batch request generated	by pbs_statserver() function has  been
       completed  successfully	by  a  batch server, the routine will return a
       pointer to a batch_status structure.  Otherwise,	a null pointer is  re-
       turned and the error code is set	in pbs_errno.

Local							    pbs_statserver(3B)


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